Rob Owen

Rob Owen

Press tour: Bouncing 'Back'

Tuesday, 15 July 2008 11:42

So why did Fox cancel Pittsburgh-set newsroom sitcom "Back to You" after ordering extra episodes and sending the season finale out for review? Let's parse Fox Entertainment president Kevin Reilly's response to that question, understanding that the translations are mine and mine alone:Kelsey Grammer and Patricia Heaton starred in

  1. "You know, ‘Back to You' preceded me." Not my baby, no personal investment in it.
  2. "I think it was a bit atypical for Fox." It was a CBS show. And it was good, which, sadly, many Fox live-action sitcoms are not.
  3. "We had creative discussions with the producers on where to take the show and they had a point of view that it was what it was." Producers didn't roll over and take orders.
  4. "We had a hard time recruiting viewers. You would have expected it to do more business." Not enough people tuned in given the big-name stars and promotional push.
  5. "I felt like we had to get back to something that felt more like Fox." So he ordered the crappy "Do Not Disturb" and renewed lackluster "Til Death." 

I actually like Reilly and think he's one of the better network executives but his taste in Fox comedy could use some fine-tuning. "Back to You" wasn't a Fox show, but "Do Not Disturb" is not a Fox show that will go the distance like "That ‘70s Show" did.