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Billy Graham: The Johnny Cash Connection



Billy Graham and Johnny Cash were quite close during the 1970s. He, wife June Carter Cash and a couple sidemen, appeared on some of Graham's crusades into the 1990's.  Cash also invited Graham to guest on a 1971 Gospel-flavored episode of his 1969-1971 Johnny Cash Show on ABC.

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Next year, a third show in the NCIS franchise may join the CBS schedule: NCIS New Orleans, similar to the flagship show and the LA spinoff in many ways: lots of cases, spies, crimes, terror threats and a cast of brave but lovable characters in each. It seems like it could have no end. Who knows? Look how long Dick Wolf pulled it off with Law & Order?

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Monday, 05 April 2010 17:33

The iPad: Hands On

15725_574004224122_35101995_33924550_26199_nAs a belated birthday present to myself, I decided to take a trip to the Shadyside Apple Store Monday afternoon to see what the iPad was all about.  After playing with the device for about 45 minutes I was sold and ended up leaving the store with one.

After spending the majority of the day getting acclimated to the device, I truly believe Apple is onto something with this new geek toy.  The question is is this the something, or will we have to wait for the second generation?

The first thing I noticed when I saw the iPad in person for the first time was that it was smaller than I expected.  It measures to about nine and a half inches top to bottom; for some reason I expected it to look larger.  Despite the size, the device fits perfectly in your hands and feels light yet solid.  The screen itself measures around nine and a half inches diagonally and looks stunning.  If you’ve seen the screen in the iPad commercials it looks just as clear and doesn’t appear to have been enhanced in any way. ...

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