1980: Aretha with Matt Murphy in the movie The Blues Brothers.  He played her guitarist-husband who left their diner to rejoin the Blues Brothers band. 

 Blues master Matt "Guitar: Murphy's recent death at age 88 didn't get the notice it should have, given his visibility in recent decades. Murphy, a veteran musician who gained notice in the film The Blues Brothers as part of their all-star band, was no latecomer to the blues. He was a native of Sunflower, Mississippi (in the Delta), also the birthplace of bluesman Little Milton Campbell and R&B crooner Jerry Butler.

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Monday, 07 December 2015 08:25

Muddy Waters: An Appreciation


Muddy Waters' headstone claimes he was born in 1915, but subsequent research points to 1913 as his actual birth year. So his centennial year has passed. Despite that, here's a look at high points in his storied career. I'm not going to run through an entire biography here. Robert Gordon's will do quite nicely.

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