RE7CoverThere are few video game franchises that have accomplished what “Resident Evil” (“RE”) has in its 20-year tenure. It spawned seven popular games in the core series, plus over a dozen spinoffs and remakes. People are even still making (and apparently seeing) “Resident Evil” movies. When considering the Mount Rushmore of horror video games, “RE” almost certainly makes the cut.

But over those 20 years, the series has lost its way. Most fans of the series will agree that it peaked with “Resident Evil 4” all the way back in 2005. Since then, “RE” exchanged horror for action. But Capcom seems to recognize that the series is in need of a reinvention. This is evident in the details all the way down to the game’s subtitle “Biohazard,” which harkens back to the original game’s Japanese title.

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Monday, 24 October 2016 13:16

PSVR Game Guide - what to buy, try and skip




You just dropped $500 on a PlayStation VR headset. Now you’ll need some games to go along with that shiny new piece of next-gen tech. Half a grand is no small purchase for a gaming peripheral. Crafty consumers will want to choose the games they buy wisely. Fortunately, Sony launched PSVR with a hefty launch lineup of titles, so there are a lot of options. Some of those experiences are better than others. Here are the games you should try, buy and skip for PSVR.

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