Thursday, 13 April 2017 06:18

A Virtuoso Departs: RIP Jay Geils



jgeilsBefore he died Monday at 71,  J. Geils or "Jay" as many knew him, had a hell of a career. The band bearing the guitarist's name blew out of Boston in 1970, with a widely praised album on Atlantic Records and a clearly defined musical personality that drew deeply on vintage blues, R&B and Soul delivered with fresh irreverence and unswerving musical excellence. The classic lineup were: Geils, Peter Wolf, vocals; Magic Dick Salwitz, harmonica; Seth Justman, keyboards; Danny Klein, bass; Stephen Jo Bladd, drums.  Geils, however, ceased to work with the band bearing his name in 2012.

 What follows are but a few of his many notable musical moments.

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