How many times has “Street Fighter 2” been ported, improved, revamped and re-released over the years? If you count every arcade cabinet and console release the game has had from 1991 until now, it’s well over 20 times. Surprisingly, this is reasonable for the game that rightly became the standard in which all fighting games are measured.


If the Nintendo Switch version’s title is any indication, this will be the last time “Street Fighter 2” is revamped, but I wouldn’t bet on it. “Ultra Street Fighter 2: The Final Challengers” brings the fighting game that has been playable everywhere to Nintendo’s new home console / mobile platform hybrid. Capcom has added some new features that can only be found on the Switch, but it’s still the same “Street Fighter 2” that players have come to expect.

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It’s been nearly three years since “Mario Kart 8” graced the now-defunct Nintendo Wii U. The game advanced the beloved racing series with some new tracks and a nice layer of graphical polish, but it lacked legitimate substance until downloadable content added it months after its launch. Now, Nintendo is taking the game for a victory lap on the new Nintendo Switch. “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe” is what “Mario Kart 8” should’ve been in the first place.

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