Thursday, 23 August 2018 10:04

We're all trapped in Subscription Hell


New subscription services seem to crop up every few months, and it’s affecting game enthusiasts the most.


It’s happened to all of us. There’s a movie, show or live event that you really want to watch on an evening with no pre-arranged plans. That lone piece of entertainment is only available on a single service. You download the app on your Roku, Apple TV, PlayStation or Amazon Fire Stick, make an account and enjoy a week-long free trial period. You may even go as far as setting a reminder on your phone to cancel when the trial is up. But the deadline comes and goes, and you were too busy or lazy to cancel your account. Now you subscribe to Starz, and it’s added to the ever growing pile of monthly subscriptions that drain your bank account on random days when you’re not expecting it.


I’ve been guilty of living out this exact scenario more times than I’m able to remember. What started with humble beginnings of an annual payment to Microsoft for Xbox Live snowballed into a sprawling library containing millions of bits of entertainment at my fingertips. And, it all comes with its collection of small monthly fees that are alarming when they’re added together.

Published in The Game Guy