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Cloud 9 beats Dignitas, wins RLCS Season 6




LAS VEGAS -- Season 6 of the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) is in the books, and there is a brand new champion. North America’s own Cloud 9 took down the undefeated Dignitas, who were hailed as the juggernauts of the sport. The trio of Mariano “SquishyMuffinz” Arruda, Jesus “Gimmick” Parra and RLCS MVP Kyle “Torment” Storer are the first RLCS champs from NA the sport has had since season one.

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LAS VEGAS -- Day Two continued the Rocket League action of the RLCS at The Orleans Arena in Las Vegas. The bracket took shape on Day One, and teams were sent packing on the penultimate day of the tournament.

What started as a rough weekend for NA on Day One started to turn around on Saturday. Day Two saw some NA on NA violence because of the bracket structure and NA teams’ early losses. NRG and Cloud 9 faced off against each other in the Lower Bracket. Meanwhile, We Dem Girlz and Chiefs started their day in the comfort of the upper bracket.

Here are the biggest storylines from Day Two:

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RLCS Season 6: Storylines from Day One


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LAS VEGAS -- RLCS Season 6 kicked off at The Orleans Arena in Las Vegas today. The venue hosted 10 teams from around the world who are competing for their share of a $500,000 prize pool.


There were plenty of storylines going into the event, but the Day One action turned them all on their head. Hopeful North American teams aimed to break the regional curse, as they sought to bring back the trophy to American soil, but Europe, and even a squad from the Oceanic region, played spoiler.


Here are the big storylines from Day One:

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The Rocket League Championship Series, or RLCS for short, is Rocket League’s semi-annual premiere competition. This weekend, 10 Rocket League teams from around the world will meet in Las Vegas to compete for their share of event’s largest prize pool ever: $500,000.


The $500,000 is the largest prize pool ever for the RLCS World Championship. It’s also half of Season 6’s $1 million prize pool. The other half was paid out throughout the course the season’s league play.


Season 6 marks World’s return to American soil. Season 5 saw a thrilling finale in London earlier this year. Europe’s Team Dignitas overtook North America’s NRG to close out the season in June. The competition came down to a single goal Game 7 after a zero-second score forced overtime. It remains the sport’s most spellbinding highlight.  

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“Rocket League’s” premium content called Rocket Pass has finally arrived. Rocket Pass comes right after an overhaul of the game’s experience system. What used to be capped at level 75 now has no limit.


Rocket Pass is set up like “Fortnite” or “Dota 2’s” Battle Pass. It has 70 tiers. Those who purchase the Rocket Pass for 10 Keys ($10) unlock a new tier every time they level up. But the pass doesn’t end at 70. Mystery unlocks await at level 71 through 90. There's also a free version that unlocks a new item every few tiers rather. This list only considers the items in the premium version.


With all of these new cosmetic goodies, I took a deep dive into the unlockable items and ranked them. It’s a highly technical ranking that range from “meh” to “need it!” As you may have noticed, there aren’t 70 items in the list below. That’s because XP boosts were excluded from the rankings. Plus, some items have more than one version. Only the best version was considered.


Here are all of the Rocket Pass items ranked. Also, no making fun of the car and color scheme I use from the screenshots. I get enough of that online. I like the Centio. Big deal!

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STAMFORD, CT -- The grand finals of the NBC Sports Universal Open Season 2 took place this weekend. Eight hopeful teams from around the world took to the virtual pitch in Rocket League and competed for their share of a $100,000 prize pool. On Championship Sunday, Mariano “SquishyMuffinz” Arruda and Jesus “Gimmick” Parra of Cloud 9 hoisted the trophy and took home the biggest cash prize of their careers.


In the grand finals, Cloud 9 faced off against Team Girls, a duo made up of Marius “Greazymeister” Ranheim of Complexity Gaming and 15-year-old Kyle “Scrub Killa” Robertson of Team Vitality. The 2-on-2 tournament was double elimination, and the top two teams had faced each other prior to the final matchup of the weekend. Cloud 9 was victorious in their first series, but the grand finals went down to a decisive game seven.

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Coming off of a thrilling finale of Season 5 of the Rocket League Championship Series [RLCS] in London, Psyonix, the developer of “Rocket League,” has announced via the Rocket League Esports blog a massive $1 million prize pool for Season 6. This is the biggest ever for the RLCS.

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Inside the inner workings of Rocket League's new Rocket Pass and XP system


“Rocket League” has some big changes on the way. A future update is completely revamping the game’s experience system, as well as adding Rocket Pass. Rocket Pass is an all new way for players earn in-game items.


The game's experience (XP) structure has gone untouched since its launch in 2015. That structure was simple: players earned XP based on performance in online and offline matches. That XP was added to a player’s profile and contributed to a numeric level between one and 75. The XP rank is separate from a player’s competitive rank. Depending on the level, players would earn a title like pro, semi-pro, expert and eventually earned the top rank of rocketeer. Following a future update, that model will be scrapped to pave the way for a new, more meaningful XP and level system.

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Day one of Season 5 of the RLCS World Championship kicked off on Friday live from the Copper Box Arena in London. Ten teams from around the world played their first rounds of the tournament that is set to run until Championship Sunday. The winner will raise the trophy and and take their cut of the $250,000 prize pool.

Kickoff Friday had no shortage of incredible moments from a ridiculous self pass from Deevo, to a stunning upset for the North American region. In case you missed it, here are the wildest moments of day one.

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New DLC is coming to “Rocket League,” and it’s throwing the action back to prehistoric times. The iconic Jeep Wrangler from “Jurassic Park” is hitting the pitch just in time for the release of the summer blockbuster “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.” But there’s more in this package than just the new car.

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