Credit: Lake Fong, Post-Gazette 

The late jazz drummer-promoter-bandleader Spider Rondinelli, who died Monday at 82, was a low-keyed musician with a dazzling talent. His very well-done obituary is here.

This is a 2007 profile by the PG's Nate Guidry that delves into his life even deeper.  The PG photo above shows Spider with saxophonist Kenny Blake, performing in Jefferson Hills.

Having written scores of musicians' obits myself, the one thing no obit will get across: the man and the music, in settings from the 50's to two years ago.

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lester mosaic

In June, Mosaic Records, the Connecticut-based jazz reissue label known for lavish, multi-disc packages of the music of certain artists or specific labels, will release Classic 1936-1947 Count Basie & Lester Young Studio Sessions, an 8-CD collection tracing his recordings from his first work with Basie, just into New York from Kansas City, in a small spinoff group who recorded for Columbia as "Jones-Smith Limited" since the Basie Orchestra had a contract with the Decca label.

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Dial Records

Mosaic Records' forthcoming nine-CD box set The Complete Dial Modern Jazz Sessions not only contains some of the seminal jazz of the post-World War II era, three Pittsburgh jazz icons are represented within. Known for their comprehensive and exhaustively researched CD box sets (no downloads) with state of the art audio restoration, Mosaic has applied their talents to one of the pivotal labels recording bebop, the jazz style that began developing out of swing music just before and after World War II through the bold musical adventures of Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Thelonious Monk and Charlie Christian.

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