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Mel Tillis: 1932-2017 - Part 1: The Star


Mel Tillis's death at 85 closed an extraordinary career that saw him excel first as a songwriter, then as a singer and entertainer, one who managed to not only overcome a handicap—stuttering--but once controlled, made it part of his act to the point his 1984 autobiography was titled Stutterin' Boy.  (Photo: Associated Press)

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Cassius Clay hadn't yet taken the name Muhammad Ali, but he was the talk of the world in 1963, admired and beloved far and wide for his boxing skills, for his wit and his sense of humor. It's easy to see that his poetry and persona was part overwhelming (and justified) self-confidence and sense of self, but always with a wink.

Here he is, as TV talk guest, as singer, and as poet.

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This week's "Believe Your Ears" music podcast examines the just-released anthology Dylan, Cash & The Nashville Cats: A New Music City looking at a period when 60's rockers and folk-rockers began recording in Nashville.  This is accompanying an exhibit on the subject at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville. Disclosure: I've compiled and annotated collections for Legacy in the past (though not this one).

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