"It's bad enough to have a wife who wants to sing.

But it's worse to have a wife who wants to sing and CAN'T."

Hank Williams, Sr.'s take on wife Audrey's singing.

So many illusions surround the relationship of Hank and Audrey Williams, whose marriage lasted from 1944 to 1952. There are those who romanticize the Hank-Audrey vocals, either unable or unwilling to acknowledge that only one of them sang on key and in meter, and it wasn't her. During Hank's lifetime and peak years of fame, many around Hank considered her a millstone for insisting on singing with him.  This doesn't count the other problems between them that ultimately led to the couple's divorce. There were times he shrugged and allowed her to do it. At other times he would bar her from singing. Shamefully, he sometimes roughed her up to keep her away from the mike.

Published in Get Rhythm