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Roy Williams to Cowboys

Wednesday, 15 October 2008 05:36 AM Written by

Trades are a rarity in the NFL so it feels weird to break one down, but yesterday the NFL practice squad sent up one of its standouts to the big club, sending wide receiver Roy Williams to Dallas, for 3 draft picks.  This is good news for announcers that now won't have to worry about Cowboys safety Roy Williams covering Roy Williams the receiver.  Although it does bring up the question about what will be on the back of their jerseys?  Roy L Williams and Roy E Williams?

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Week Six Wrap Up

Monday, 13 October 2008 07:15 AM Written by

Week six in the NFL was a week of upsets proving once again that the only thing that is consistent this year is inconsistency.  The Lions gave the Vikings a big scare.  The Bears took the lead with 11 seconds left in the game, only to blow it on the final play against the Falcons.  The giant killers of the league, the Dolphins, failed to beat the winless Texans.  The Cowboys overcame a 10 point deficit to force overtime, only to lose on a blocked punt.  How bout dem Cowboys?  The Redskins who were suddenly looking like a serious contender for the division title, lose on a last second field goal to the Rams.  The Rams!!  I saved the best upset for last though, Mrs Fantasy Factor's team upset my Xtreme Machine 103-93.  As the saying goes, "that's why they play the game"

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Fantasy Football: Week 6

Friday, 10 October 2008 03:00 AM Written by

Just because the Steelers don't play this week, that doesn't mean their isn't important games to be played.  I know that a large number of people that read this blog are Steelers fans and that you in all likelihood have them on your fantasy team.  Make sure they're out of your lineup for this week or you'll having some missing fantasy points to go along with your missing the Steelers.  In addition to the Steelers, the Bills, Chiefs, and Titans are also on byes.

Chicago Bears vs Atlanta Falcons

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2008 Fantasy Hockey Draft

Wednesday, 08 October 2008 07:30 AM Written by

On September 29th, I took part in a 10 team, head to head fantasy hockey league on ESPN.  I had already participated in a four team mega-league with my co-workers, but I figured the results of the 10 team league would be more helpful for you guys that are looking to see how I drafted, what my mind set was and who is on my team that may be on waivers in your league.  Unfortunately, Mrs Fantasy Factor was not a part of this one and thus was not using my blog against me.  I was hoping for first or somewhere near the top, but instead ended up with the 7th pick.  Well at least it wasn't last this time.

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Week Five Wrap Up

Monday, 06 October 2008 06:30 AM Written by

Some normalcy returned to the NFL in Week Five.  Larry Johnson got shut down, disassembled and thrown back into the box.  The Patriots returned to their winning ways.  The Colts beat the Texans, the Cowboys beat the Bungles and Dolphins beat the Chargers... well almost back to normal.

DeAngelo Williams - Since Week 1, Williams has been playing second fiddle to first round pick Jonathan Stewart, but this week against the Chiefs, for whatever reason, the Panthers decided to go back to Williams and he cashed in with 148 total yards and 3 TD's.  I don't expect this trend to continue, but for this week DeAngelo was De Man. 

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