2012 Fantasy Football: Week Three

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START (Players that should do better than their predicted projections)

Steelers_5F00_LBen Roethlisberger - While the Raiders are not particulary good against the run (and haven't been for quite some time now), the Steelers don't really have a bonafide RB to take advantage.  However, the Steelers do have a passing game that could exploit the Raiders secondary just as easily if the running game doesn't get it going.

Chiefs_5F00_LJamaal Charles - Okay, its probably just best you forget what you saw last week in Buffalo.  This won't be another 6 carry 3 yard game.  Charles is too good for that and knee bruise appears to have healed.  He'll be up against a Saints defense that isn't stopping anyone these days.

Chargers_5F00_LRyan Mathews - During the spring and summer, Mathews was a top 5 RB in projection rankings.  Then he broke his clavicle.  This week he'll see his first action of the season against a Falcons team that's struggling to stop opposing RBs.  Maybe we'll finally see why the Chargers drafted him 12th overall a couple years ago.

Chiefs_5F00_LDwayne Bowe - For the same reason I'm going with Charles, I'm picking Bowe.  Huge breakout game last week in Buffalo and if the Saints start to run up the score, the Chiefs will pass a ton and Bowe will be the man he targets.  Also, playing in Louisiana, the state he played his college ball, might give him some extra motivation.

Bears_5F00_LBrandon Marshall - He's had a long time to think about his dreadful Thursday night performance in Week 2.  That's really unfortunate for the Rams who should get a heavy dose of Cutler to Marshall on Sunday.

Steelers_5F00_LPittsburgh Steelers D/ST - Going with the Steelers defense again this week.  The Raiders might be the worst team in football right now, so unless the Steelers take them lightly for whatever reason, this should be a major league stomping filled with interceptions and sacks.


BENCH (Players that may not live up to their predicted projections)

Eagles_5F00_RMichael Vick - His passing numbers look great, but 6 INT and 3 fumbles (1 lost) in just two games has to really make you hesitate to put him in your line up.  Arizona isn't exactly the best defense in the world, but they slowed down Tom Brady for most of last week.

Browns_5F00_RTrent Richardson - Don't get too excited about last week's performance.  It was the Bengals after all.  Buffalo made some improvements on their run defense from Week One to Week Two and the rookie won't see as much daylight as he did last week.

Seahawks_5F00_RMarshawn Lynch - He's been solid for Seattle so far this year, but he has two things going against him this week.  The Packers have had extra time to prepare for this one and they're not stupid.  Russell Wilson won't strike fear into the heart of any defenses, so Lynch will see plenty of 7 and 8 man fronts on Monday Night.

Texans_5F00_RAndre Johnson - After a disappointing performance against a soft pass defense, he could make up for it with a big game against a good pass defense.  Hopefully Champ Bailey calls in sick or something.  If not, don't expect much.

Vikings_5F00_RPercy Harvin - He does seem to be Christian Ponder's go-to-guy right now.  12 catches last week in Indy for 104 yards.  However, this will be a much stiffer test.  Unless your name is Megatron, you're getting nowhere near 100 yards receiving against this defense.

Bengals_5F00_RCincinnati Bengals D/ST - It almost seems pointless to put them up here, its common sense, don't use the Bengals defense.  Hey, that's kinda catchy.  Maybe we could get that on a t-shirt.  "Its common sense, don't use the Bengals de-fense".  Anyways, they head to the nation's capital to see just how wonderful RGIII is and watch him add to his growing highlight reel season.

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