2012 Fantasy Football Review: Week Two

Monday, 17 September 2012 12:26 PM Written by 


elimanning_09172012Eli Manning - Earlier in the afternoon, I looked at the numbers for the early games and thought "Wow, Eli's really sucking it up today".  Then a few hours later, he became the best performer of the week.  The Giants big come from behind victory against the Bucs featured Eli passing for 510 yards and 3 TDs.

Reggie Bush - Are the Raiders that bad against the run or are the Dolphins that good?  Its probably a mix of both, but Reggie's not complaining.  172 yards and 2 TDs later, the Dolphins look really good and the Raiders look like they'll be aiming high for a draft pick that they can trade away for nothing.

CJ Spiller - For the second straight week, Spiller has lit the fantasy football world on fire with blazing speed.  CJ ran all over the Chiefs for 123 yards and 2 TDs on just 15 carries.  He also caught 3 balls for 47 yards.  That's the sound of Spiller getting added to the top 10 in fantasy players for next season.

Trent Richardson - The Brownies first round pick experienced his first big game against the Bugles this past Sunday.  On just 19 carries he rushed for 109 yards and a TD.

Hakeem Nicks - So the guy that was questionable all week and was limited in practice ends up catches 10 passes for 199 yards and a TD.  I think it might be time to stop looking into practice reports as they're proving to be pretty much worthless as this point.

Black Holes

Jay Cutler - Now granted he didn't have a whole week to prepare for the Packers tough defense on the road and Brandon Marshall dropped one in the end zone.  Plus, Matt Forte got injured, just to make matters worse.  So I guess not all of his 10-23 performance with 4 INTs wasn't all his fault.

Dallas Cowboys - After beating the defending SB champs, the Cowboys had extra time off before their next game.  Well, apparently they took too much time off and forgot to show up on Sunday.  Romo, Murray, Bryant, Jones, the defense, nobody did well.  Not even Week 1 hero Kevin Ogletree.

Larry Fitzgerald - The Patriots boasted the worst pass defense in football last season.  Fitz is one of the best WRs in football.  He should at least do somewhat good right?  How about one catch for 4 yards?  Yeah, I know the Cards have QB issues, but 4 yards?! 

Jamaal Charles - The only thing more infuriating that Fitz's 4 yards and Charles' 3 yards on 6 carries.  It was the Bills!  The Jets ran all over the field on them last week.  Come on!

Darren McFadden - Anyone else getting worried about Run DMC now?  His receiving yards bailed him out last week, but this week, they didn't and his dreadful run stats against the Dolphins are obvious.  The Raiders are a mess right now and McFadden, the only fantasy player worth owning, is going to suffer.

Team Performance:
It was another so so week for the Xtreme Machine as unpredictability is becoming the norm and not the exception anymore.  I ranted about this on Facebook this morning, their is no longer skill in fantasy football. It doesn't matter what you know, how much research you do or how you prepare its basically all dumb luck. Injuries, contracts, change in strategies, and weather are impossible to predict. Whomever wins the league simply had the least amount of bad luck.  Look at Adrian Peterson from Week One to Week Two.  Look at Jamaal Charles.  DeAngelo Williams.  Look at Wes Welker, a WR that averaged 100 catches a year, barely getting playing time now for whatever reason.  Trying to predict who will do well from one week to the next is about as difficult as predicting lottery numbers these days.  There's absolutely no consistency to anything that happens.  Kevin Ogletree had 8 catches for 114 yards and 2 TD in Week One.  The guy was basically uncoverable.  Week Two, 1 catch for 26 yards.  Still have Peyton and McGahee playing tonight, so hoping to crack 100 points.
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