2012 Fantasy Football: Week Two

Friday, 14 September 2012 12:05 PM Written by 

START (Players that should do better than their predicted projections)

Texans_5F00_LMatt Schaub - This week the Texans will take their act to Jacksonville to face a team that made Christian Ponder look like a seasoned veteran.  The only thing to worry about here is that they jump out to a huge lead and rely on the run game the entire time.  Otherwise, this is a strong match up for Schaub and company.

Chiefs_5F00_LJamaal Charles - Well if you were worried about the knee, you can stop now.  He beat up on the Falcons run defense last week and will do the same this week against the Bills.  I can't see Charles not getting 100 yards on Sunday.  Heck, even Peyton Hillis might do a bit of damage himself.

Dolphins_5F00_LReggie Bush
- He actually looked pretty good last week rushing for 4.9 yards per carry, but finished with just 69 yards rushing as the Texans just blew them out of the water, so to speak.  I don't think they'll have this problem with the Raiders, plus they've had one of the weaker run defenses in the league for quite some time now.

Bengals_5F00_LAJ Green - 5 catches for just 70 yards was his performance on Monday Night, but don't worry.  Brownies can always cure what ails ya.  He produced over 10 fantasy points in each game against them last year and should easily hit that mark this week.

Panthers_5F00_LBrandon LaFell - Here's something to keep an eye on this weekend.  Steve Smith has a banged up knee and even though he is expected to play still, he may not get the kind of work he's used to.  Enter LaFell.  This emerging WR could very well pick up the reigns and get Smith's workload against a Saints defense that was shredded last week through the air.

Steelers_5F00_LPittsburgh Steelers D/ST - I probably shouldn't have to tell you to put in the Steelers defense in the home opener and especially against the Jets, but they were projected low, so here they are.  Rumors are that we'll see more of Tebow this week than last because he killed the Steelers in the playoffs last year.  Yeah, I wouldn't count on that happening again with Tebow or Sanchez.


BENCH (Players that may not live up to their predicted projections)

Lions_5F00_R2Matthew Stafford - Normally I would never recommend benching someone this talented, but if he's throwing 3 INTs at home against the Rams defense, I'm almost afraid of what will happen in SF against one of the best defenses in the league.  His passing yards bailed out his INT total last week, not so sure about this week.

Eagles_5F00_RLeSean McCoy - The Ravens run defense isn't as stout as it used to be, but its still the Ravens and if you think McCoy is going to be the 3rd best RB in the league in fantasy points this week, you're in for a disappointment.  I'm thinking he'll still be a solid option catching passes out of the backfield though.

Chargers_5F00_RRyan Mathews - All signs are pointing towards Mathews returning this week against the Titans.  I'm going to go with the wait and see approach here.  He's coming back pretty fast from this clavicle injury and might be pushing it.  If he does play, he'll see limited snaps and won't be the fantasy monster you were hoping for when you drafted him.

Panthers_5F00_RSteve Smith - He's expected to play, but his knee flared up in practice on Thursday and I can't imagine him getting a lot of work this week with his knee acting up.  He might be fine on Sunday, but is that a risk you're willing to take?

Titans_5F00_RKenny Britt - Another "don't rush him back too soon" player is Kenny Britt who is returning from a torn ACL and MCL.  He's expected to get just around 15-25 snaps this Sunday, so don't expect anything huge, although with WRs, they just need one big play to make it all worthwhile.

Rams_5F00_RSt Louis Rams D/ST - RGIII is rolling into St Louis this week and that doesn't bode well for a Rams defense that simply isn't very good.

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