2012 Fantasy Football: Week One

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START (Players that should do better than their predicted projections)

Falcons_5F00_LMatt Ryan - In case you haven't heard or simply were not paying attention during the preseason, the Falcons have morphed from a run first team into a passing team.  With weapons like Roddy White, Julio Jones and Tony Gonzalez, how could Ryan go wrong?  And let's just say the Chiefs aren't exactly striking fear in the hearts of Ryan's fantasy owners.

Vikings_5F00_LToby Gerhart - AP's dependable backup will help the Vikings not miss a single step with him carrying the football.  Okay, so he's not AP.  In his limited role last year though, he was plowing through defenses to the tune of 4.9 yards per carry.  With AP questionable or limited, Gerhart will get the lion share this week and is a must have for AP owners this year.

Chiefs_5F00_LPeyton Hillis
- He isn't the best RB on the Chiefs, but that didn't stop the Chiefs from giving the ball to Thomas Jones more than Jamaal Charles before.  Plus, Charles is coming off a major knee surgery.  He'll get eased back into the lineup.  Meanwhile, Hillis should be the goalline back all year and should find success against a Falcons front seven that is a bit undersized for a back like this.

Patriots_5F00_LWes Welker - Welker wasn't in the top 25 for Yahoo WRs this week.  Kind of odd considering the Patriots will be slinging the ball around quite a bit this year and Welker finished last year with 122 catches.  The Titans aren't exactly known for their great pass defense either.

Steelers_5F00_LAntonio Brown - Quite possibly the Steelers best WR, ranked below Welker this week in projected numbers.  While Wallace is getting up to speed, Brown will be Ben's go to guy.

Ravens_5F00_LBaltimore Ravens D/ST - In Week One, they draw the Bengals at home on Monday Night.  The Bengals could surprise some, but I'm thinking the veteran Ravens defense will eat up this young Bengals offense on national television.


BENCH (Players that may not live up to their predicted projections)

Redskins_5F00_RRobert Griffin III - "But Cam Newton was awesome in Week 1".  Uhhh yeah, RG III Cam Newton.  Sorry guys.  This game is in New Orleans, its his first NFL start, and he doesn't have a WR near the talent level of Steve Smith. 

Jets_5F00_RShonn Greene - Greene, who is pretty much the clear cut starter on the Jets as no one is even close to challenging him for that spot, is up against the Bills, a team he normally shreds.  However, the Bills are greatly improved on defense with the acquistion of Mario Williams and the Jets don't exactly have a scary passing game to back up those LBs.

Titans_5F00_RChris Johnson - The Patriots defense isn't anything great, but CJ2K faced many defense last season that were not that great and layed an egg.  He's going to need to show me he can do it if I'm considering him a safe play.

Cardinals_5F00_RLarry Fitzgerald - Despite all the QB troubles the Cards have had since Warner left (seriously, get a QB already and you could be a Super Bowl team again) Fitzgerald has been pretty dependable.  However, like Johnson, with Skelton under center, I want to see Fitz do it before relying on him.

Packers_5F00_RGreg Jennings - Going up against the 49ers defense on the road in Week One, doesn't give me the confidence that Jennings will be one of the top producing WRs in the NFL this week.


Broncos_5F00_RDenver Broncos D/ST - The Broncos defense looked great last year while Tebow was running the ball, grinding down the clock and keeping them off the field.  Guess what?  He's gone.  Peyton will put up more points, but he won't have long time consuming drives and the Steelers offense with Ben and those receivers could slice up this defense if given enough chances.

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