2012 Fantasy Football QB Rankings

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tombrady_080620121. Tom Brady - Last year's Super Bowl LOSER (yeah, that felt good) should be the first QB taken off the board this year.  The running game took a hit with Ben Jarvis Green-Ellis gone and they added Brandon Lloyd to an already talented group of receivers.

2. Aaron Rodgers - Put it this way, he threw 45 TDs and got picked off just 6 times.  Not to mention he runs quite a bit for a pocket passer too.  Nice little fantasy bonus for you.

3. Drew Brees - With 5476 yards passing and 46 TDs, you'd think he played in the AFL.  The addition of Darren Sproles and emergence of Jimmy Graham has really helped Brees produce these video game like numbers.

4. Matthew Stafford - When you have the best WR in football to throw to, its almost impossible not to be in the top of the QB rankings.  He steered clear of the injury bug last season and produced some monster numbers for Motown.

5. Michael Vick - As I kind of expected, Vick took a step back last year.  It was unrealistic to think defenses wouldn't adjust to what he was doing from 2010.  However, even with those adjustment it was mostly the injuries that affected his season the most.  While its his running that makes him more valuable than a lot of QBs, its also why he gets injured so often.

6. Ben Roethlisberger - With the Steelers running game looking questionable and the Steelers WRs looking strong, why not have the $100 million QB pass all day? 

7. Tony Romo - Despite all the bad things that are said about Romo, he is actually one of fantasy football's most consistent QBs.  Typically good for around 30 TDs and 10 INTs.

8. Philip Rivers - Last year, the lack of a running game forced Rivers to do his best Dan Fouts impression and throw non-stop.  Believe it or not though, that really didn't translate into fantasy points.  Less than 5000 yards passing, 27 TDs, but 20 INTs.  The running game should improve and so should his passing numbers.

9. Cam Newton - Michael Vick: The Next Generation burst onto the scene with a memorable rookie campaign.  His passing numbers were good for a rookie, but he really made a name for himself with his feet.  I have a hard time seeing him being able to rush for another 700 yards and 14 TDs.

10. Matt Schaub - His job is pretty easy.  Hand off to Arian Foster.  If its not a running play, throw to Andre Johnson or Arian Foster.  If he can stay healthy and can get the ball into their hands as often as possible, he'll produce another fine fantasy season.

11. Peyton Manning - So Peyton has returned.  Comeback player of the year or injuried playing the Steelers in Week One?  Even if he doesn't get injured, how good are those receivers?  They're not exactly Marvin Harrison or Reggie Wayne.

12. Jay Cutler - Alright Jay, enough with the excuses.  You have your old buddy from Denver, Brandon Marshall, back.  Lets see why the Bears made you their franchise QB.

13. Matt Ryan - As the running game becomes older and less effective, Ryan's numbers are slowly creeping up to Tony Romo-land. 

14. Andy Dalton - Without workhorse Cedric Benson, the running game will suffer, which means Dalton will have to go to the air a bunch.  He showed some promise in his rookie year.

15. Joe Flacco - If you want a serviceable idiot QB on your roster, look no further than the Ravens QB who thinks he's going to get Tom Brady money.  Seriously though, expect less than 4000 yards, 20 TDs, 10 INTs and a ton of fumbles.

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