FF Hockey League Trade 1/9/2012

Monday, 09 January 2012 07:00 AM Written by 
alexpietrangelo_01092012brendenmorrow_01092012bryzgalov_01092012Geno machineo acquires Ilya Bryzgalov, Brenden Morrow, Alex Pietrangelo:
Ilya Bryzgalov was supposed to be the crown jewel of the Flyers off season and was going to put an end to their goaltending problems once and for all.  Not so much.  Bryz looks like Hex(tall) and has a GAA that is above 3.  The talent is there, but so far, we have yet to see it.  The rough and tough captain of the Stars, Brenden Morrow, is another player having a down year.  Typically good for 20-30 some goals, he's currently only on pace for 16 this year.  Alex Pietrangelo is a very young, very raw defenseman that should play in numerous All Star games in the future.  However, right now, he's coming along slowly on an improving Blues team.

briancampbell_01092012dustinbrown_01092012davidbackes_01092012Mr Magoo on Ice acquires David Backes, Dustin Brown, Brian Campbell:
After a bad month of October, David Backes has been solid getting almost a point per game.  In two of his last three years, he hit the 30 goal mark and should come close again this year, even after the slow start.  Captain of the Kings, Dustin Brown has been somewhat of a disappointment throughout his career.  He's only hit the 30 goal mark once and is only on pace for 20 goals this year, his lowest output in 4 years.  What salary dump?  Brian Campbell is playing like a guy that earned his $7 mil per year deal with the Panthers no less.  Personally, I didn't think he'd keep it up, but we're almost at the half way point and he's still producing and is on pace for 65 points.

Trade Review:

Nothing like a 6 player trade to get us into full swing for fantasy hockey with football having just wrapped up.  When I first saw this trade, my quick reaction was "Geno machineo did good for himself", but after further analysis... I'm not so sure.  The best player in the deal is Bryz and Geno machineo needs goaltending in a bad way as he's way behind in GP.  However, Bryz isn't playing like the best player in the deal.  Based on what's happened this season, I'd rank Bryz third behind Backes and Campbell, giving Mr Magoo on Ice, the better end of this deal.

I like the strategy (buy Bryzgalov low, sell Backes and Campbell high) and there is half the season yet to play, but if Bryz continues his slump, Bobrovsky (who he also has) will get the lion share of the starts and he will have basically traded three players for a backup goalie.  Like I said, I like the risk being taken, but I think Mr Magoo on Ice walks away with the upper hand in the trade.

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