2011 Fantasy Football Week Three Review

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weswelker_09262011Wes Welker - Once again a Patriot takes the top spot in the fantasy player rankings, but not Tom Brady.  Although his performance had a lot to WITH Brady, Welker didn't throw 4 INTs yesterday.  Welker caught 16 passes (hey Buffalo how about a little double coverage eh?) for 217 yards and 2 TDs.  That's the second time in 3 weeks now that Welker has gone off with a huge day.  Too bad the Pats lost... well too bad for him that is.

Torrey Smith - When I first saw "T. Smith TD", I thought "Troy Smith the QB?  Playing WR?"  Then I remembered it was their 2nd round pick Torrey Smith.  Filling in for the injured Lee Evans, Smith caught 5 passes for 152 yards and 3 TDs.  What is it with rookies this year loading up the big numbers?

Darren McFadden - Who's afraid of the Jets big bad defense?  Well apparently not the Raiders as they ran right at them with McFadden who racked up 171 yards on just 19 carries (9.0 YPC) and 2 TDs.  I think its time he gets mentioned at one of the league's elite backs now, if he isn't already.

Joe Flacco - The only good thing about an inconsistent QB is that when he's not having a bad week, he's having a monster week.  Flacco tore up the Rams secondary early and often and finished with 389 yards and 3 TDs.

Matthew Stafford - This game started out kinda "ho hum" for Stafford, but then he poured it on in the second half and into OT as his 378 yards and 2 TDs led the Lions to a huge comeback victory over the Minnesota Vikings.

Black Holes

Michael Turner - Huh?  Just 20 yards on a 11 carries against the Bucs?  As best I can tell, he wasn't injured so, how exactly does this happen? 

Cam Newton - So I guess you're going to be my new Matt Forte.  If I have you on my bench, you do great.  If I put you in, you do terrible.  After back to back 400+ yard passing games, Newton passed for just 158 yards and a TD against a very beatable Jags defense.  However, in Cam's defense, it was raining buckets, which I'm hoping is why he played so poorly.

Kenny Britt - Another week, another star player out for the year with a knee injury.  Well at least that is what it looks like at the moment.  The Titans believe Britt tore his MCL and possibly ACL as well.  If this is the case, he will be out of the year and Hasselbeck's value takes a big hit.

DeSean Jackson - When you want a new contract, typically people play harder.  D-Jax must have missed that memo.  Another lackluster week from No-action Jackson with just 2 catches for 30 yards.  Unfortunately, Vick will be out now with a broken hand for approximately 3-4 weeks, so he shouldn't be getting a boost any time soon.

Philip Rivers - When you saw Rivers matched up against the Chiefs this weekend, you probably figured 300 yards for sure, 2-3 TDs and a blowout win for the Chargers.  Not so much.  Just 266 yards, 0 TDs and 2 INTs.  Rivers has now thrown 2 INTs in each of his first three games this year.

Team Performance:
At halftime, I was declaring this the worst fantasy week I had ever had.  I finished with 110 points, so I suppose that was a bit of an exaggeration.  However, the bad luck that started with Peyton's setback with his injury, is apparently continuing into the season.  Cam Newton did next to nothing against the Jags, while Eli, who had been in my lineup for the first two weeks, blew up the Eagles on the road.  I read a report Sunday morning in which Beanie Wells said he would "definitely" be at full speed for the game.  At 3pm, it was reported that he was going to be inactive.  That's just great.  Of course, Yahoo changed their game from prior seasons and locked the waiver wire at 1pm for all games, even later games.  So I couldn't even make a move to fill this giant hole in my roster.  RB1 position = 0.0 points.  Awesome.  Thanks Yahoo.  Thanks Beanie.  Thanks Cardinals.  Fortunately for me, Megatron continues to perform like a 1st round pick, my sleeper Darren Sproles had yet another double digit fantasy game, Jason Hanson scored me a ton of points and of course, Troy Polamalu scored me a TD on defense, which brought my point total up to respectable. 

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