Pens Cheer Card predicts future

Friday, 15 May 2009 06:05 AM Written by 

This isn't really "fantasy news", but its something just as cool.  On April 30th, prior to the start of the Pens vs Caps series, graphic artist Jonathan Bieda created the following cheer card.

Take a good look at it.  Notice the positions of "Ovechkin" and "Fleury" and even the positions of their sticks.  Now here is a photograph of possibly the series changing play from Game 7 between Ovechkin and Fleury.

Talk about your freaky coincidences!  The only thing missing is the dumbfounded Caps fans watching their hero get stoned on the doorstep.  For other future predicting cheer cards, cool wallpaper and a fun game, check out the Ice House.

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