Monday essentials: Shrinking law firms - Apologies in malpractice cases - Legal notes on the Oscars

Monday, 25 February 2013 05:00 AM Written by 

20120225 boardroom photocom92225052 150Starting your week with the Post-Gazette Business/law package today begins with a report by the Legal Intelligencer's Gina Passarella about the changing office footprints of  law firms that are downsizing or adapting to changing business conditions and opportunities in the legal sector.

The LI's Amaris Elliott-Engel details proposed Pennsylvania legislation that would make inadmissible in medical malpractice lawsuits any admissions of liability that doctors and other health care providers make to patients while apologizing or extending "benevolent" gestures of compassion

20110227 oscars 60And from the weekend, the Panic Street Lawyer's Jay Hornack offers some legal notes on three of last night's Best Picture nominees at the Academy Awards, including Argo.

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