Monday morning essentials: Dog law review - court reporters edge high tech - labels, artists and money

Monday, 24 September 2012 09:00 AM Written by 
20120924pg_giantschnauzer_150Starting your week with the Post-Gazette Business/law package today begins with a report by the The Legal Intelligencer's Ben Present on the state Supreme Court's grant of allocatur in a case over whether Pennsylvania's Dog Law, a criminal statute, creates a strict liability offense.

The Reading Eagle's Holly Herman explores the Berks County bench's resolve to stick with court reporters for accurate transcripts in important proceedings, despite the promise of potential cost-savings from a move to digital recording devices.

20120923_recordlabel_photocom149379151_60And from the weekend, the Panic Street Lawyer's Jay Hornack looks at music's major record labels, artists, economics and audiences.

(Top image: The alleged attacker in court case was a Giant Schnauzer. Post-Gazette)

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