All those TVs sadly left behind

Friday, 09 August 2013 09:11 PM Written by 

pile of televisionsLiving in South Oakland you become attuned to the change of seasons. You realize summer is here when you can easily find a parking space on Forbes Avenue at lunchtime and that it is close to ending when a multitude of television sets appear on sidewalks throughout the community as students move out of their off-campus housing in mid-August.

Unfortunately many students seem blissfully unaware of the Pennsylvania state law that prohibits the disposal of electroncs (televisions, computer monitors and more) in the general rubbish collection. 

But don't despair; eLoop is here to save the day. You can take your unwanted electronics to Construction Junction in East Liberty. Working in colaboration with eLoop, residential customers can bring their ewaste to CJs for recycling during regular operating hours and it's a free service ... as long a the screen isn't broken.

Here's a handy list right from the CJ site:

  • Desk top and laptop computers -- FREE!
  • TV / Monitor or LCD 15" and under -- FREE!
  • TV / Monitor or LCD 16" to 19" -- FREE!
  • TV / Monitor or LCD 20" to 390"-- FREE!
  • CRT/LCD 40" or greater and Console TV (latter- in wood cabinet) -- FREE!
  • Cell phones/PDAs/smart phones -- FREE!
  • All mixed electronics -- FREE!  Mixed electronics includes: printers, copiers, DVD players, fax machines, telephones, routers, switches, small appliances, remote controls, battery backup systems, video recorders and digital cameras. 
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