Living, cut or artificial, that is the question

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After cruising around trying to find out where and when I could recycle my “real” Christmas tree after the holidays I started to wonder if I might be better off purchasing an artificial one and using it for the next ten years or so. That meant back to my web cruising in search of an answer. Wish I could say I found the one true answer but I didn’t.

I stopped by both the National Christmas Tree Association for their take on the debate. Have to say their argument is fairly convincing and comes equipped with a handy table pitting “real” versus “fake.”  (The image to the right is a rescue tree that was found dumped on the roadside about six months ago. I call him Charlie B. He’s headed to the neighborhood garden for the New Year. )

Then in the interest of fairness and since I have worked in marketing and know better than to just believe what I read on one site; I headed over to the American Christmas Tree Association. Their side of the debate declares “both sides win.”

Tree miles, disposal, recycling, PVC and more… it really comes down to your lifestyle.

If you buy an artificial tree plan on holding onto it for at least eight years and then donate it … don’t send it off to a landfill. If you buy a real tree, buy local and recycle after the holidays. (I’ll be posting locations for tree recycling after Christmas along with some alternative ideas for recycling … like add it to your fish pond.).

Of course living in the city I love the idea of buying a live tree that’s really alive and will continue to live on and grow within my community.  One thing you want to do right away before the ground gets hard is dig a hole big enough to hold your tree. Then plant away after the holiday or find your living tree a home in your garden surrounded by a lot of fall leaves till the spring.

So it’s back to you, living, cut or artificial, it’s your choice. Just remember your responsibility to the environment whatever you choose.

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