It's Sunday

Sunday, 27 June 2010 09:58 PM Written by 

First things first ... what is "Being Green" about? What I hope and will work towards it being is a place Pittsburghers can find or share information with others on living green in the Burgh.

Being a wild Internet cruiser I'm always running into new and exciting sites and wonderful events in the Burgh's green community. Thing is they're all over the place. So let's call this a green clearinghouse with extras.

Here are a couple of events coming up ...

You want to start gathering all that stuff that you're not sure how to get rid of for Construction Junction's "Hard to Recycle" event on July 17th. While many items are free to recycle there's a small fee for some electronics. Big news: CPUs and Laptops are now free to recycle!

The East End Brewing Company is having Growler Hours this week. Gives you a chance to visit a brewery with sustainability in mind and grab some beer.

Seems Schenley Plaza is expecting its one-millionth visitor in July so it's panning a celebration on July 11th. Plus there's more info on what's happening with the proposed outdoor learning spaces in Frick Park.

And from the PG: 

Thirty restaurants in Pittsburgh don't have to pay to have their used cooking oil hauled to a landfill. Asa Watten stops by a few times a month and vacuums it up.

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