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Monday, 30 August 2010 02:38 PM Written by 

wallet22_largeBack from vacation and facing a new season with a fair amount of zeal. And of all the different countries and cities I have lived in,  Pittsburgh, is the most beautiful at this time of year. We should consider ourselves lucky as so many cities have forgotten the importance of trees in the urban environment and we have such an abundance ... but we still use more!

And if you are wondering why there is a picture of a wallet on the top of this post, it is because in a very roundabout way they have something to do with trees as that's where these wallets come from plus they are helping to preserve more trees for the future in their own little way.

Managed to lose my own wallet while on vacation so have been doing a wee bit of online cruising in the hope of finding something different that didn't involve plastic or the life of a cow. And I believe I have found just the thing. Not only does it fulfill my needs as a wallet, it may help keep me employed.

Found this great website that sells some pretty amazing stuff and all of it started life as something else and now, have been reborn as a wallet, a T-shirt, even an espresso machine that is mobile!

But back to why this will help keep me employed. Actually it won't but it will keep Delhi's streets cleaner. The newspapers and plastic bags used to make the wallets are collected off the streets.

My other option is to head to the South Side and visit eHouse. Instead of newspaper I could go for a Hemp Tri-fold Wallet. Talk about going in the other direction. But it's a nice walk and they always have such interesting things there.

Now back to the newspaper. I've been working on several severely scarred pieces of furniture and wanted a way to hide the scars but show off the geometric shapes. Going back to an old French art of decoupage. Hit Szechuan Express and grabbed some Chinese newspapers. Going to mix those with the PG to create an international flavor to the table. Some water based glue with extra water added to adhere the paper to the frame then finish off with a protective wax coating.


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