Put Your Facebook Real Estate to Work For You

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After the Kardashian's and Mitt Romney, Facebook is probably the most written about topic lately.  But there is just so much going on there! For starters, they have filed for an IPO (Initial Public Offering), which, in my humble opinion is only going to make them stronger - not because they will be flush with even more cash (it helps) but because they will be under closer scrutiny and held more accountable.

Mobile Ads?

In more recent news Facebook will be launching ads on its mobile apps, which will be annoying for some but even more lucrative for them since half their users are mobile users.

But this article isn’t about their valuation or how an IPO will impact Facebook’s culture, it’s about a fairly new feature that you may have already heard about or noticed called Timeline.

Take Advantage of Your Facebook Real-Estate

Timeline gives you lots of space on your profile page – it’s a super banner the entire width of your page and about 3 inches high.  It’s a lot of real estate so use it wisely.  You can upload a jpeg of a photo collage, one large image or design but whatever you do take this opportunity to communicate more about you and what you stand for.

It doesn’t have to be overt – subtle and subliminal work too. Just like a logo on your website or your clothing during a job interview the Timeline banner gives you an opportunity to communicate with your audience. Timeline_on_FB

It also tells “your story” in a more visual way.  You can learn all about it here. 

What will happen on February 29th?

As of February 29th Timeline will roll out to pages.   Solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and business owners take note and be ready to use this real estate to tell the world about your business, your products or your passion depending on the purpose of your page.

You can read more about Facebook Timeline for Brand Pages in this article on SimplyZesty.com.

Add an Image to Timeline

If you want to upload a new image to your Facebook “super banner” simply place your mouse over the area at the top of your page where your banner will appear and you will notice a button that says “change image.”  Click on the “change image” or “upload image” if you don’t have one there yet and follow the simple steps.

Some examples of great personal branding on Timelines can be found here:

How can you personalize your Timeline to reflect who you are?  Have questions?


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