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Happy birthday, Bossman

Wednesday, 03 February 2010 08:00 PM Written by

That's the Bossman, Porky Chedwick. He's 92 today. If you grew up in or around the Burgh, you know about his role in and influence on the Pittsburgh music scene since 1948, especially when it came to R&B, blues, doo-wop and all that fine stuff. He certainly gave BlueNotes a giant shove in the right direction, even before there was a BlueNotes.

He's so much a part of Pittsburgh, he couldn't even leave when he tried. He "retired" to Florida a few years ago,but came back. Apparently you can take the Bossman out of the Burgh, but you can't take the Burgh out of the Bossman. Or something like that.

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When viewer hyperventilation trumps TV news hype

Wednesday, 03 February 2010 07:01 PM Written by

I hear from viewers all the time who are upset and harrumphing about how local TV news done them wrong. Often their complaints are real and warranted. But not always.

This week, I received this complaint from a viewer:

During "The Good Wife" KDKA news teased something like, "there are flurries now, find out what it will mean for your morning commute...." Then, a few minutes later when the newscast starts, given the "dramatic," non-story weather outside, the anchors toss almost immediately neaer the top of the show to meteriologist Jeff Verszyla to ask him what's going on weatherwise right now and he says (almost embarrassed to have been asked), "not much" and when asked what the "flurries" now mean for the morning commute informs it won't accumulate and won't be a problem for the morning commute.

All our local TV news operations treat us like idiots when it comes to weather. ...  Here, they try to make news of the weather and scare us into watching their show even when the weather is not a story, not dramatic. Heck, it's mild out tonight.  Pathetic.  Insulting to one's intelligence.

I hope you call them all, all the local TV news operations, on this.

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A while back, in October, Pittsburgh's great finger-picking guitarist Ernie Hawkins opened a new season for Calliope in its new performance space at Simmons Hall at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. He did it with a fine little band made up of harpman Marc Reisman, Roger Day on tuba, percussionist Rich Strong, and Paul Cosentino with his wonderful clarinet.

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'Lost': Beginning of the end

Tuesday, 02 February 2010 04:00 PM Written by

Jack (Matthew Fox) on The last "Lost" season premiere aired tonight (spoilers ahead for any West Coast viewers) and it started out with Jack (Matthew Fox) back on the plane, seemingly having forgotten the bomb blast. Scenes from the pilot were revisited but slightly changed. Instead of the flight attendant giving Jack two bottles of alcohol, she gives him one. (H/T Vikki)

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KDKA's Lokay assigned to 'Does It Really Do That?' segment

Tuesday, 02 February 2010 05:15 AM Written by

Jim Lokay (KDKA)With February sweeps starting Thursday, I was curious to see if KDKA would continue with the popular "Does It Really Do That?" segment reported by the late Yvonne Zanos. The segment will continue with morning traffic reporter Jim Lokay as the reporter "for the immediate future," according to KDKA general manager Chris Pike, who also said much consideration was given to whether or not the segment should continue.

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