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'Lost': Beginning of the end

Tuesday, 02 February 2010 04:00 PM Written by

Jack (Matthew Fox) on The last "Lost" season premiere aired tonight (spoilers ahead for any West Coast viewers) and it started out with Jack (Matthew Fox) back on the plane, seemingly having forgotten the bomb blast. Scenes from the pilot were revisited but slightly changed. Instead of the flight attendant giving Jack two bottles of alcohol, she gives him one. (H/T Vikki)

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KDKA's Lokay assigned to 'Does It Really Do That?' segment

Tuesday, 02 February 2010 05:15 AM Written by

Jim Lokay (KDKA)With February sweeps starting Thursday, I was curious to see if KDKA would continue with the popular "Does It Really Do That?" segment reported by the late Yvonne Zanos. The segment will continue with morning traffic reporter Jim Lokay as the reporter "for the immediate future," according to KDKA general manager Chris Pike, who also said much consideration was given to whether or not the segment should continue.

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alt2010 officially has its first video game blockbuster and it belongs to Mass Effect 2.  Electronic Arts is reporting that the action-RPG sold over 2 million copies worldwide in its first week.

Since its release, Mass Effect 2 has received rave reviews, making it the second highest-rated Xbox 360 title behind Grand Theft Auto IV.

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The blues Grammy winners

Monday, 01 February 2010 07:08 PM Written by

I know that the blues Grammy awards don't always mean a lot, since the Grammy voters don't usually seem to have much of a clue about the blues, but it's at least worth mentioning what won and what didn't. (I know it's a little late, but there have been some technical issues that have kept me from the BlueNotes blog software, but here we are now).

First, the the Grammy  for "Best Traditional Blues Album" was won by Ramblin' Jack Elliott for "A Stranger Here." I enjoyed the album, but I don't tum. hink it was realy a "traditional" blues album. 

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TV from all over, including Australia's 'Underbelly'

Monday, 01 February 2010 07:01 PM Written by

The cast of One of the more welcome side effects of the ever-expanding global media village is the increase in the number of foreign televsion series many Americans now have the opportunity to see.

I'm reminded of this by DirecTV adding "Underbelly" (10 p.m. tomorrow, DirecTV's The 101 Network). The show is an Australian import, an organized crime drama based on true events. The satellite provider acquired three seasons of the show and will air them in the following order:

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