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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - Review

Sunday, 07 March 2010 07:49 PM Written by

altBattlefield: Bad Company 2 has been highly anticipated for a couple months now, and when the demo hit the PS3 and the Xbox 360 it only fueled the eagerness.

After the demo nearly reached the 4 million mark on Xbox live, the game finally hit shelves last week so gamers could see exactly what developers Dice had been working on with this war-based first-person shooter. ...

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'Chuck' takes a big step

Sunday, 07 March 2010 07:01 PM Written by

Morgan (Josh Gomez) and Chuck (Zachary Levi) face work troubles at Buy More on tonight's Tonight's episode of NBC's "Chuck" (8 p.m., WPXI) is a game-changer. Show runners and networks say that all the time but tonight's it's really true.

Chuck himself, actor Zachary Levi, directed tonight's installment that marks a real step forward in the story of unexpected spy Chuck Bartowski, who has had all the goverment's secrets downloaded into his head from the Intersect computer.

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Oscar tweets

Sunday, 07 March 2010 06:59 PM Written by

In reverse chronological order, my Oscar tweets and re-tweets:

  1. RT @franklinavenue Thanks to Tom Hanks for looking at his watch, taking control and DIRECTING this awards show. Seriously, SOMEONE had to. half a minute ago via web
  2.    RT @goodyk "The show is so long that 'Avatar' now takes place in the past." Good Steve Martin line to end on. Wish it weren't so true.... 1 minutes ago via web
  3.    The Na'Avi are bluer than usual tonight. 6 minutes ago via web
  4.    RT @franklinavenue The Oscars, now close to 30 minutes in OT. Cablevision subscribers manually re-unplugging ABC from their systems. 11 minutes ago via web
  5.    Awww, I was hoping Gaby would get to give a speech. Liked her on the red carpet. 15 minutes ago via web
  6.    I hated this ego stroking blather last year and I still hate it this year. 22 minutes ago via web
  7.    I'm not sure making "SWAT" was all that fortunate for anyone involved... 35 minutes ago via web
  8.    RT @marymcnamara sigh. the Oscar ego stroking is really getting tedious... 36 minutes ago via web
  9.    RT @goodyk Kind of wish they'd speed things up. You know, deadlines and all... 36 minutes ago via web
  10.    RT @TVBarn Martin and Baldwin should make a sitcom for Fox. They've been up there at least half an hour. And they're still not funny. 37 minutes ago via web
  11.    Ah, a "Modern Family" promo. Now that's entertainment. about 1 hours ago via web
  12.    They can't pronounce his name, but a local guy wins another FX Oscar about 1 hours ago via web
  13.    RT @TVWithoutPity Will next year's In Memoriam montage include tonight's telecast and the audience in attendance? Both have been lifeless. about 1 hours ago via web
  14.    RT @sepinwall Okay, so they cut the Best Song performances but kept room for this? about 1 hours ago via web
  15.    RT @ChrisSerico The #Oscars present So You Think You Can Yawn? about 1 hours ago via web
  16.    LOL RT@BorowitzReport It's sad about the Hollywood people who died this year, but at least they didn't have to watch the #Oscars. about 1 hours ago via web
  17.    RT @franklinavenue Steve Martin, Alec Baldwin, James Taylor... wow, this is a strong 1979 episode of "Saturday Night Live." Wait, what? about 1 hours ago via web
  18.    Glad they brought back the performance during In Memoriam. And looks like they're doing a better job IDing the people being remembered. about 1 hours ago via web
  19.    RT @BastardMachine The only thing left out of that horror montage was NBC's fall schedule. about 2 hours ago via web

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Floyd Lee reaches deep for the blues

Thursday, 04 March 2010 08:00 PM Written by

Welcome back to BlueNotes. We hope you took advantage of the intermission to lubricate with a fine libation or two,

I still have a handful of CDs from the past few months that I'm slowly getting around to writing about. Some of them are variations on the blues fall a little bit outside out usual framework here, but there are some that are very worthwhile, and worth a look here.

One of those worth a very serious look and listen is a CD from a Mississippi bluesman named Floyd Lee, who worked his way north to Chicago, Michigan, Cleveland and Columbus, and eventually settled in Harlem about 30 years ago. He's been one of New York's premiere but widely unknown bluesmen -- and just in the past hew years -- in his 70s -- has started to record and tour and spread the blues that he's carried with him since childhood.

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WQED: Some lost state money restored

Thursday, 04 March 2010 07:01 PM Written by

WQED Multimedia chief operating officer Deborah Acklin sent an e-mail to WQED members on Wednesday informing them that the non-profit media company's state funding was even less than expected:

The news is even worse than we thought.  The state's original 88% reduction in funding to WQED was further reduced to a total 93% cut in operating support.  In dollar terms, WQED's operating funding from the state was reduced to $74,000 almost overnight.  This is not a misprint.  Funding to WQED was almost totally eliminated.

As you know, WQED has drastically reduced expenses over the last two years.  We cannot cut any further without impacting the PBS lineup, NPR programming, the local programs that you enjoy on WQED-TV and Classical WQED-FM, and our educational and community engagement efforts.

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