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"Tim Woods - The Blues Sessions"

Monday, 14 June 2010 09:00 PM Written by

I want to start getting back to some new CDs I got recently from Earwig Records, a fine little blues label run My Michael Frank, harp player, manger of Honeyboy Edwards and Burgh native.

First up is one by Tim Woods, "The Blues Sessions." Woods is from Irwin (yes, our Irwin), and I'm not sure how I've missed seeing this fine picker and singer of great old blues, but I have. My loss. But at least now I have this very enjoyable CD.

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Activision and Ubisoft's press conferences are in a few hours.   No live updates for these because I'll (hopefully) be en route to E3.  Stay tuned for wrap-ups later tonight.  

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EA Press Conference

Monday, 14 June 2010 01:13 PM Written by

Prepare for a smorgasbord of software.  EA takes the stage to show off their biggest titles for the upcoming year.  I'm blogging this from the Pittsburgh Airport so hopefully the internet stays intact.  

The titles shown and notable goodness of these titles are:

Dead Space 2: Single player gameplay demo is shown.  If you liked the first Dead Space you should love the sequel.  More of the same great gameplay just improved.  Plenty of scare moments. Release date: 1/25/11

The Sims 3: Not much was said.  There was a gameplay trailer that was shown.  Looks like a bigger and better Sims world.

Madden 11: Gameplay of Madden 11 is shown. YAAAWWWN.  New game focuses on authenticity.  Isn't that what they focused on for the last few year?

EA Sports MMA: Not a whole lot to report on this, but not much is needed.  EA sports is behind it so it should be a competent sports title.  They focused on the create-a-fighter mode.  

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit: A demo is shown of the revamped Need for Speed.  Better graphics than before.  Not much is shown other than a head-to-head multiplayer mode of a cop vs. speeder.  EA really wants to go back to the drawing board with the Need for Speed franchise.  No release date yet.

Medal of Honor: Another retooled franchise.  EA wants to go head-to-head with the giant that is Call of Duty.  Multiplayer mode is shown with a 24-player battle!  Very nice graphics.  Beta begins June 21st for the 360, PS3 and PC.

EA Active 2: Coming November 16.  More activities and better workouts.  Heavy bag workout is shown.  Will be compatible with the Xbox's Kinect.  

Crysis 2: 3D trailer shown.  The 3D is reportedly extremely realistic.  Setting is New York City.  EA says that Crysis 2 will have the most intelligent AI in any first-person shooter.  Hopefully you can play it without stealing a computer from NASA.  

Bulletstorm: Horray for original titles.  Bulletstorm has over-the-top, bloody, fast-paced action.  Gameplay is shown again.  I'll have hands-on time with the game later in the week.

Star Wars: The Old Republic: Bioware's latest MMO is finally shown with detail.  Some gameplay elements are revealed.  Choose Jedi or Sith, and every player gets a spacecraft.  Once again, I'll have hand-on impressions later.

That's pretty much it.  Not a whole lot of original games, but should certainly be high-quality fun.  What did you think? 


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'Better Off Ted' airs last two episodes

Monday, 14 June 2010 12:30 PM Written by

ABC's schedule still shows TBA for 8 p.m. Thursday but my DVR says otherwise: It says the last two unaired episodes of the late, great "Better Off Ted" will be burned off there.Got the question answered by ABC: If there's no Game 7, the show will air. If there is a Game 7, they'll be bumped to another time that's yet to be determined.

Marc Berman at The Programming Insider reports that ABC will also air the final two episodes of "The Forgotten" on July 3 from 9-11 p.m. That listing does show up on ABC's schedule.

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The Xbox 360 has received a makeover.  Today at Microsoft's expo, the company announced that there will be a redesigned 360 with more memory, more USB ports, an optical audio port, and built-in WiFi.  The best part is, it ships today!  

The new console, which does not have an official name, will be $300.  The existing 360 hard drive will not be compatible with the new system.  

Microsoft's motion capture camera, recently dubbed "Kinect," will be able to directly connect to the new console.  If you have an original 360, then you will need to buy an adapter to play "Kinect."  

Here's a link to pictures on of the new 360 in all of its beauty.  


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