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Honey Island Swamp Band rolling in

Wednesday, 17 March 2010 09:00 PM Written by

A worthwhile music alert: For those of you who are Eric Lindell fans, or fans of the kind of rootsy, swampy, soulful music he brings from Louisiana -- his band, touring as the Honey Island Swamp Band (cool name) will be at Moondog's tomorrow night. I've only heard them behind Lindell, but that suggests that they are pretty darned good.

Check this video:

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God of War III - Review

Wednesday, 17 March 2010 08:46 PM Written by

altWhen Sony announced that God of War III was going to be released on the Playstation3, it was almost a reason to go out and buy the system without having seen any screenshots or gameplay footage or knowing anything about the story.

That was how strong the reputation was that Sony Santa Monica built with God of War 1 and 2 on the Playstation2.   Since then, this game has been arguably the most hyped PS3-exclusive game since the system’s birth.  There was a lot for this game to live up to, but God of War III is worth the wait, delivering one of the best games of the last ten years.

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'FlashForward' returns

Wednesday, 17 March 2010 08:01 PM Written by


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Voluntary Breathing (part one)

Wednesday, 17 March 2010 07:56 AM Written by

It’s hard to tell the difference between a snorkeler and a dead body, Captain Rick Prattle thought as he looked out over the stern of his boat at the bobbing body of a heavy-set man floating two hundred yards to the east. Like dead men, snorkelers just drift, ass up, unmoving, sometimes for hours. Captain Rick didn’t want to jump to any alarmist conclusions about the undulating man ahead, especially since he couldn’t see the body very well. Rick’s contact lenses had been bothering him ever since the day he’d quit his job at WindJammer Cruises and Charters. For the past few months, every time Rick put in the lenses his eyes stung terribly and then turned red and bloodshot. This was both painful and a public image problem. When you added the red eyes to the fact that Rick wore his hair long, had the kind of tan that made working people nervous and spoke with a slight valley boy accent (even though he was from Hanover, New Hampshire and dropped out of Dartmouth after his sophomore year) you could see why his entire presentation was hurting business. People assumed he was on drugs. Rick had been on drugs, for the better part of his adolescence and young adulthood. Beer and pot in high school, everything else in Dartmouth, or for the two-and-a-half semesters he had been in college before being expelled for selling blue unicorn acid sheets to an undercover Department of Public Safety officer. That’s how fucked up Rick had been - he had been busted selling drugs to campus police.

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Peter Karp, Sue Foley - "He Said She Said"

Tuesday, 16 March 2010 09:00 PM Written by

I really like Peter Karp. I said so almost a couple years ago. He's a smart singer-songwriter-guitarist whose music pretty much defies categories. I guess it's American roots music with wordplay as primary instrument. I also like Sue Foley, her bluesy style, guitar work and enjoy the way she works a song.I haven't had the pleasure of seeing her live, but Karp turned up at the Pittsburgh Blues Festival a couple years ago with a sparkling set,

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