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http://44os2oby27fb3d3o3v2rx0tu7.wpengine.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/image1.jpgThe five components that comprise our physical fitness are muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, and body fat composition. For the next few weeks we are going to break each component down and examine what it means and how we can improve upon it in relation to our own personal physical fitness.

Muscular strength is the maximal amount of force your muscles are able to exert in a very short period of time. The size of your muscle cells and the ability of your nerves to activate your muscle or group of muscles affect your strength performance. Think lifting a heavy box or pushing and pulling a large piece of furniture. Building and maintaining muscle strength throughout your lifetime is essential to health and fitness.


The strength of your muscles is not only important when lifting a heavy barbell or entering a one-armed push-up contest, it is the crux of daily activities. Opening a jar of organic cashew butter, jumping (or crawling) out of bed, lifting your child, and climbing the stairs all require strength from your muscles. Building strong muscles helps to reduce body fat, spark your metabolism to burn more calories, and increase bone strength. Strengthening your muscles is also a fantastic way to prevent injury.

To increase your muscle strength you must participate in strength training of some kind. You can do this with weights, resistance bands, medicine balls, and your own bodyweight. Yoga can also be a way to strengthen muscles. I encourage you to find a method that is enjoyable instead of following all of the trends that fade in and out. Aim to train two or three days a week to start. You can practice with smaller increments throughout the day or a solid session. The more you make strength training work for you, the more likely it will become a habit and lifestyle.

When we train our muscles with resistance we are physically breaking them down. Therefore it is important to feed them healthy, whole foods and get plenty of sleep to build up those broken down muscles and make them stronger.

If you are in need of improving your muscle strength for a better, healthier life hire a trainer, find a reputable program online, or enlist a friend who is already doing it for tutelage and support. You deserve to be strong and healthy.


If you are interested in private personal training or health coaching contact megan@megansicheri.com or check out her website http://megansicheri.com/Megan Sicheri is a member of the Pittsburgh Fitness Council, a professional member organization that strives to connect the best professionals in the area to provide and enhance client services. For more information about PFC and its members, please visit www.pghfitcouncil.com




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