A Marriage of Sport and Love - Meet Matt Mauclair

Tuesday, 05 August 2014 12:00 AM Written by  Matt Mauclair


Wedding-race Good morning again. It is day two of our blog and it is my pleasure to introduce Matt Mauclair. Matt is an accomplished 140.6 (IronMan) distance triathlete, cyclist and runner. Matt is also one of the most sincere and motivating people that I know. Just recently I posted on Matt’s Facebook timeline: “Happy birthday my friend. I have never met anyone who spoke so loudly to so many with such a soft voice.” I will let Matt introduce himself in his own words:

     “All the hard work, long hours on the bike, miles and miles running trails or on the pavement and countless laps in the pool, not only effects the athlete, but the people around them.  It can’t be forgotten the unadulterated patience and support given to each athlete who embarks on the journey multi-sport offers by family and friends.

     That’s why as someone who embraces the sport of triathlon, I can’t give you a sense of who I am without introducing you to my top cheerleader - my wife.

     I have to say throughout the years, starting with sprint distance races and working up to whole day Ironman competition, the support I receive from my wife Kristen, is unwavering.  Testimonies such as mine must pour in everyday of wives and husbands who go beyond the requests of doing dirty, sweat-stained laundry, cooking nutritious meals each night and dealing with mornings alone in the house while we sit on a bike saddle pedaling for miles on end.

     However, in my mind, it’s a super special bond.

     My races have taken me amazing places such as Kona, HI, Lake Placid, Wisconsin, Florida, and Louisville, and all along the one constant I can always count on is my wife by my side.  The prep work for these kinds of events can be so unpredictable; during high peak training blocks 8 p.m. bed times are never out of the question; during taper time, we athletes turn from regular, high energy normal people to exercise deprived fens looking towards race day to release all the energy we have.

     Yet, without a hesitation, my wife, understanding the bipolar states this sport gives, is always the first to put her arm around me with a calming touch and say the perfect positive thoughts to relax and calm the nerves.

     So, this is who Matt Mauclair is.  All the races, from Lake Placid to Wisconsin, to Eagleman all the way to the Chesapeake Bay Swim, it’s not what start and finish I toe that day but who is waiting for me there.

     Thanks so much for allowing me talk into your life in the weeks to come.  I hope my passion for not only this sport but for life is passed through my words each time you read.



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