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Good morning to all! My name is Joe (Joey) Stabile and I am the Editor for the Wellness N’at Blog on Community Voices. While thinking of my introductory post I was reminded of a triathlon training meeting that I attended in January of this year. We had just organized our first training group for a 70.3 mile race here at the Downtown YMCA (where I am the Director of Healthy Living) and Matt Mauclair (who you will meet tomorrow) was leading the meeting. He began with a short talk about the program and he said something that I will never forget…”It takes a village to raise a triathlete.”

My dream is to bring that village to you, our readers. In the following days I will have introductions for all of the principal players involved in making this blog possible. We have worked hard to bring you some of the leading people in the different disciplines of athletics and healthy living. These individuals are not only superior athletes and competitors; they are mothers and fathers, grandparents, volunteers, sons, daughters and real live people. We all have good days and bad, and our goal is to help you through your bad days, and motivate you through our good days. You will not need to be an athlete of any kind to benefit from our posts. We will be speaking on all areas of health and wellness, and we are certainly open to your suggestions.

Each week I will post what our proposed content is for the next week or two. What is my contribution you may ask? I will be herding the cats so to speak, and writing on my own experience as an age group athlete that is coming back from an injury. Not an easy feat, but I have all of the help one could ask for.

We will be posting daily with new introductions of our people and then focus on three original posts each week after that. Of course, we will have additional comments and breaking articles as they are needed or deserved. We want to help you, and provide the content that you are most interested in, so please send us your questions, ideas or suggestions. Stop back often so that you get to know us.

Our schedule for the next two weeks (as of now) is: Today (8/4) - My introduction and Gene Nacey, Tuesday (8/5) - Matt Mauclair, Wednesday (8/6) - Andrew Wade, Thursday (8/7) - Tim Lyman, Friday (8/8) - Jason Ewing, Monday (8/11) - a story from Gene, Tuesday (8/12) - Adrienne Taren, Wednesday (8/13) - Joey and Friday (8/15) - a story from Andrew Wade.

That being said, I will turn over the posting to Gene, Matt, Adrienne, Tim, Jason and Andrew. Please, give these people your time and your attention. I can assure you that they are giving you their hearts.

Thank you,


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