Bicycle Clubs Offer Women, New Riders Best Way To Get Started

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Group Shot Lago Winery smallerEvery year I help friends, family or often indoor cycling students get into outdoor riding in one way or another.   It’s why I never sell my old bikes, as they become perfect loaners for newbies trying to see if they like it enough to invest in their own 2 wheels. With the newly formed Premier Bicycle Club, I now have a great partner to provide safe riding and new riding buddies along the way.

While you don’t need to join a riding club to enjoy outdoor riding, there are plenty of reasons to do so. For just twenty bucks, members enjoy a ton of benefits to help them learn more about riding, experience different areas of great riding (from extensive rails to trails to quiet country roads) and meet new people to ride with along the way. This new club also specifically has a mission to reach out to women riders (who generally make up less than 30% of road riders) as well as those who are just getting started. This removes a lot of the self consciousness or even intimidation that can accompany the idea of getting into something that seems so different than what we remember it as a kid.

Knowing many of the founders of this club, I couldn’t think of a better group of men and women to help lead and guide new riders to a place of passion and joy for this fantastic sport. In a recent Facebook post, the president of the club Bob Vano said:

“…this is what the Premier Bicycle Club is all about....a supportive group with common goals that helps others achieve greater goals than they thought they could. This club is made up of the best people Western PA can deliver! We offer the best opportunity for cyclists of all levels to go after what they want. And we respect each other's abilities at the same time. We ride together.....and we grow together too. A shout out to Gene Nacey who along with his company, Cycling Fusion, has helped me become more knowledgeable about training and cycling in general. Thanks Gino!

There is so much to like about this activity, from the healthy lifestyle of fitness and stress relief, to the expanding opportunities of learning and travel, cycling can literally change your life if you let it. Those of us who have experienced this are often eager to share it with others. Outside of an initial investment in a decent bike, it is also an extremely inexpensive sport/hobby to pursue.

So, if you have been a long time indoor (think “Spinning®”) participant, or perhaps someone who has done a lot of the trails but would like to ride a charity event or some quiet country roads, check out the Premier Bicycle Club!

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