From New Hip To New Passion

Monday, 04 August 2014 12:01 AM Written by  Coach Gino


My name is Gene Nacey, Coach Gino, liveon2wheels, or other names I can’t repeat here on a family friendly blog.  This being the first post of a new blog, your first question is likely to be "who is this guy?".  Having ridden bikes for 16 years now, and having raced for 10 of those, I always feel a little odd when someone asks how I got into cycling.  I have to explain that getting my hip replaced was the culprit that got this started.  After a total hip replacement in 1998, while I was still 44 yrs young, a stationary bike was a part of my rehab and I made the “mistake” of turning the pedals while looking out the window.  That was enough to get me venturing outside for my “PT”, and before you knew it, another obsession in my life (there have been many) was born.

My progression was quite logical and actually a pretty good model for anyone interested in getting back in shape after a long hiatus.  I went from 6 months on a stationary bike, to a hybrid bike for 2 years riding the many Rails to Trails in PA.  From there it was Mountain Biking on single track, then racing MTB, to Road riding, charity rides, and cycling vacations.  All of this variation and diversity would culminate in a career move to outdoor coaching and filming cycling training videos for indoor cycling.  This business has also led to my latest obsession - commuting (the subject of my next post) and who knows where it will end.  All because I had my hip replaced.

Six years ago I had my other hip replaced (who wouldn’t want a complete set right?), and three years after that my daughter and I became the first Father-Daughter team to complete the Dirty Dozen (that cult like race over the toughest, steepest hills in Pittsburgh).  By virtue of probably no other attempts, I also became the only double hip replacement to complete the same insanity according to the strict guidelines that make this a “right of passage” for all the true cycling fanatics.

The main point of this post was to give you a little background on myself and to also let you know that it’s never too late, nor should you let many of the physical handicaps that one can acquire over the years, prevent you from pursuing new activities; in this case – especially the fun and excitement you can have on 2 wheels!


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