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Monday, 11 August 2014 12:00 AM Written by  Coach Gino


Welcome to the Cycling Blog of Wellness n’at!. Before I get into this week's post, I wanted to encourage anyone who enjoys activities on 2 wheels to check out Bike Pgh's Bike Fest Calendar of events for this week.  This is a three week period of time every year that the city celebrates all things related to bicycling. 

If you read the first post of the Cycling blog, then we're already riding buddies.  If this is your first time here, thanks for joining the ride.  This post will be about just what I’ll be covering here.  Basically all activities that resemble riding your bike, which will also include stationary or indoor bikes as well.  Primarily this will include Road Riding, Mountain Biking, Commuting, Rails to Trails, Indoor Cycling, Spinning, and the infamous “other” category.

That’s the “what” of this segment of Wellness n’at, but the how, where, why, and when will be revealed each time we dive in.  We will cover everything from how to get started riding outside, to how to turn your Spinning exercise into an honest-to-goodness Indoor Cycling training program.  While we will touch on the competitive riding and racing that takes place in and around the city, the empahsis will be much more on the "everyday" rider than the racing community.  However, even the racing community still love to ride and chill on two wheels from time to time so we expect they will both be readers and contributors from time to time.

We will also discuss the equipment and technology used in each of these “genres” of riding as well as the places and events held all year long throughout our region and occasionally beyond.  While this is indeed a broad swath across the riding landscape, the blog will be a lot more fun and valuable with your participation as well.  Please jump in with your comments, questions or requests for topics to be covered.  Feel free to send me an email via the link at the bottom of this post, and when you like one of the posts, please promote it on your favorite social media.

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