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Tuned In Journal: Traffic talk podcast

Wednesday, 30 April 2008 05:46 AM Written by
In this week's podcast: Rob Owen chats with Jim Lokay.
Another reality show monstrosity debuts on The CW.

Old, but still published

Thursday, 14 February 2013 02:54 PM Written by

Unpublished = break Facebook?

PRESS TOUR: Defending ABC's 'The Neighbors'

Friday, 27 July 2012 04:05 PM Written by

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BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. -- I approached watching ABC's new sitcom "The Neighbors," about aliens living in a New Jersey neighborhood, with two conflicting preconceptions.

First, I tend to have an interest in high-concept shows. Evidence: I loved "ALF" as a kid. But I'd also heard nothing but negative buzz about "The Neighbors" from ABC's upfront. So I was predisposed to be curious about it but also wary. Ultimately, I liked the pilot, making me a rarity among TV critics, who mostly seem to loathe it in the way TV critics hated ABC's "Work It," which I also hated.

Read more and watch a preview after the jump. ...

A holiday greeting froma familiar 'hood

Tuesday, 29 November -0001 07:00 PM Written by

A special holiday greeting from a friend in "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" (thank you, YouTube) after the jump. ...