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'Dance Moms': Episode 2

Wednesday, 20 July 2011 12:00 AM Written by

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dance_moms2After last week's debut of Lifetime's "Dance Moms" (10 tonight), people came out of the woodwork with claims about the local women featured on the shot-in-Pittsburgh TV train wreck.

Among the assertions:

-- Much of what viewers see was staged.

--The show is selectively edited to show people at their worst.

-- Dance Mom Holly, seemingly the most sensible and least objectionable of the moms, used to work at the Ellis School! And now she's at Winchester-Thurston!

Viewers weighed in here on the blog after the series' premiere last week, mostly lambasting teacher Abby Lee Miller and the mothers who subject their children to Abby, an emotional terrorist whose nasty demeanor brings to mind Ursula the Sea Witch from "The Little Mermaid." (Although I will say, a few of the histrionic comments on last week's post were as over-the-top as the show itself; some viewers seemed to take the show as a personal affront. But if a show has no personal impact, it's not worth working yourself into that much of a lather.)

Ratings-wise, "Dance Moms" doubled the ratings for the time period in some key demos but a Lifetime press release buried the "Dance Moms" ratings beneath news of the performance of "Roseanne's Nuts," its lead-in. While the Roseanne Barr reality show drew 1.6 million viewers, viewed as a disappointment by one ratings guru, "Dance Moms" dropped to 1 million viewers. (One has to wonder what Roseanne would think of "Dance Moms" given all her condemnation of bad mom Casey Anthony.)

My response to a couple of the assertions and a preview of episode two after the jump. ...

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PBS's 'POV' presents 'Bibliburro'

Tuesday, 19 July 2011 12:00 AM Written by

Follow Sharon Eberson's coverage from Comic-Con in San Diego at the POPi blog.

BiblioburroJudging by its title, the PBS "POV" film "Biblioburro: The Donkey Library" (10 tonight, WQED) sounds like a heart-warming story about Luis Soriano, who travels with his donkey, Beto, to small Columbian villages to bring books and educational lessons to children.

And to a degree, it is. But it's also a little disturbing to see a child draw a picture of a massacre at his aunt's farm by paramilitaries or to hear a girl read a story she wrote about dogs being hanged in her village.

That's not to suggest it's not a worthwhile film. Those details probably make it more worthwhile because it takes us out of our comparatively comfortable American mindset. It's just good to know going in that "Biblioburro" is a little darker than some viewers might expect.

The 56-minute film is subtitled throughout.

Read the PBS show description release after the jump. ...

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'Price is Right' comes on down to Pittsburgh

Monday, 18 July 2011 03:52 PM Written by

CBS daytime game show "The Price is Right" is launching a national contestant search, including a stop in Pittsburgh.

Read the network release after the jump. ...

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MTV gets 'Awkward'

Monday, 18 July 2011 12:00 AM Written by

awkwardAfter creative success with "Teen Wolf" this summer, MTV tries again with a scripted comedy, "Awkward" (11 p.m. Tuesday), and like "Skins" before it, this one is sure to raise the hackles of the Parents Television Council.

Thats because in the first episode awkward heroine Jenna Hamilton (Ashley Rickards, "One Tree Hill") has sex on the floor of a utility closet with her longtime crush, armpit-sniffing jock Matty (Beau Mirchoff, "Desperate Housewives"). It does not go well.

"It was like my lady business was on fire," Jenna narrates.

(Then again, maybe since it was not enjoyable sex the PTC prudes will find it acceptable.)

Read more after the jump. ...

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This week's TV Q&A (after the "Read more" jump below) responds to questions about TV Land, “Torchwood” and a morning weather anchor.

As always, thanks for reading, and keep the questions coming.
- Rob Owen, Post-Gazette TV writer

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Rizzoli speaks (actually, it's Angie Harmon)

Thursday, 14 July 2011 12:00 PM Written by


Actress Angie Harmon says the biggest surprise of the success of TNT’s “Rizzoli & Isles” last summer was who she’d hear was watching the cop-‘n-coroner drama that returned Monday at 10 for its second season.

“I thought it was primarily a chick show and I’ve had a lot of men come up and tell me how much they enjoy the show,” she said in a phone interview last month, “and I was like, Really? You do? And that was very flattering. Obviously a lot of the people are fun to look at and I get it. As much as women see themselves or their friends in the female characters, I think men also see the women they care about or women friends they have in these characters.”

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'Dance Moms': What did you think?

Wednesday, 13 July 2011 10:00 PM Written by

Dancemoms1I weighed in on the Lifetime show "Dance Moms" in the Post-Gazette Magazine section, but now I want to hear what viewers who watched the series premiere thought of this "reality" show set at a Penn Hills dance studio.

Does the show give Pittsburgh a black eye? Do you think Abby Lee Miller is a tyrant or tough teacher? What about the moms themselves and their willingness to put their kids on TV, opening them to ridicule for their mothers' bad behavior?

Sign in (or register to sign in) and post your comments below.

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'Rescue Me' has its last season premiere

Wednesday, 13 July 2011 12:00 AM Written by

rescue_me_learyFX has backtimed the season premiere of "Rescue Me" (10 tonight) so the finale will air on Sept. 7 to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks that inspired the show.

And judging by the first episode, it appears the writers are returning to the 9/11 theme.

Read more after the jump. ...

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