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'Caprica' reaches its mid-season finale

Thursday, 25 March 2010 08:01 PM Written by

Eric Stoltz and his robot in I loved the "Caprica" pilot and the subsequent two episodes but after that my interest in the show waxed and waned.Storylines seemed to drag on for too long without resolution and sometimes not that much happened.

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'Parks and Recreation' meets 'Star Wars'

Wednesday, 24 March 2010 08:01 PM Written by

This is a bizarre one and yet as a "Star Wars" fan, I loved the "Jabba the Hutt" parody of the "Parks and Recreation" opening credits:

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Fly the friendly skies with 'Fly Girls'

Tuesday, 23 March 2010 08:01 PM Written by

(L to R) Tasha, Louise, Mandy, Nikole and Farrah Photo Credit: Michael Desmond/ The CW © 2009 The CW NetworkAfter the unmitigated ratings disaster that was the premiere of The CW's "High Society" a few weeks ago, it's no surprise that that reality show about New York social butterflies will get shunted to 9:30 tonight to make way for "Fly Girls" at 9 p.m. on WPCW.

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Comcast adds HD channels

Tuesday, 23 March 2010 08:01 AM Written by

Comcast customers, the cable giant is making more changes in the next two weeks, including the addition of HD channels, even the much-requested MSNBC-HD. (Scroll down for City of Pittsburgh additions.)

Today, customers in Shaler, Sharpsburg, Etna, Fox Chapel, Millvale, McCandless, Franklin Park, Bellevue, Ross, West View, Castle Shannon, Baldwin, Whitehall, Brentwood, Dormont, South Park, Clairton, Jefferson, West Elizabeth who have already begun the migration of standard channels to digitial will see the remainder of their standard cable lineup move to digital. On March 30, these same areas will get 22 HD channels:

Bravo-HD                               832

CNBC-HD                               819

QVC-HD                                 807

Comedy Central-HD                828

MTV-HD                                  884

VH1-HD                                   886

BET-HD                                   866

CMT-HD                                  883

Weather Channel-HD              815

Home Shopping Network-HD   800

MSNBC-HD                             818

Hallmark-HD                           830

History International-HD         876

Gospel Music Channel-HD     887

Investigation Discovery-HD    899

ESPNU-HD                             853

Outdoor Channel-HD             864

TMC-HD                                 351

inDemand Game                    789

iNDemand Game 2                 790

inDemand PPV HD                 785

inDemand Team                     787

(Note: the last four channels are related to sports PPV events and sports packages like MLB Extra Innings or NHL Center Ice.)


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Fred Rogers symposium at St. Vincent College

Monday, 22 March 2010 08:01 PM Written by

LATROBE -- Before his death in 2003, any day that involved Mister Rogers was bound to be a good work day for all but the most jaded journalist. And that's still the case.

Yesterday I had a chance to visit the Fred Forward conference at the Fred M. Rogers Center at St. Vincent College. I only had time in my schedule to be there for just a few hours, but what a treat it is be in the presence of people who share his vision for children's media and work to carry on his legacy.

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New hire at WPXI: Julie Fine

Monday, 22 March 2010 10:44 AM Written by

Julie Fine (WKBW)Channel 11 continues to staff up, hiring a new general assignment reporter, Julie Fine, who will arrive in mid-April.

Here's the announcement news director Mike Goldrick sent to the staff:

When you first meet Julie Fine, one thing stands out.  Her incredible energy!  Julie is fired up about being a TV reporter.  She loves what she does and it shows in her work.  Julie will be joining us here at WPXI in April.  She comes to us from her hometown of Buffalo, where she has worked at WKBW for the last 8 years.  Before that, Julie worked at WJET in Erie as a reporter.  She started her career as an I-Team researcher at WJLA in Washington, DC after graduating from Tulane University.  Julie loves to cover Breaking News, politics, education and (after 8 years in Buffalo) Snow.

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Bryan Cranston as Walt White in So, TV fans, what did you think of last night's "Breaking Bad" season premiere?

I think what continuously impresses me about the series is the writers' willingness to go to places that make sense but might fundamentally change the series.

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John McIntire on Comcast

Thursday, 18 March 2010 08:01 PM Written by

John McIntire hosts Aside from appearances on the "Off Q" panel, it's been a while since local viewers have seen former "NightTalk" host John McIntire regularly on TV, particularly as the center of attention. Now he's back semi-regularly with a sporadic show on Comcast OnDemand, "The John McIntire Show." The first episode posted last month and a second episode is expected to be taped later this month. (Find it in Comcast OnDemand's menu by looking under "Your Town-Get Local," then "Entertainment" then "McIntire Show.")

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