'Dead Pixels' disappoints on The CW

Monday, 17 August 2020 12:00 AM Written by 

dead pixels

Though I find it boring as can be, my kids enjoy watching YouTube videos of other people playing video games. I suppose “Dead Pixels” (8 and 8:30 p.m. Tuesday, The CW) might be for those entertainment consumers – and those alone.

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A half-hour, comedic British import, the series follows Meg (Alexa Davies), Nicky (Will Merrick) and Usman (Sargon Yelda) who obsessively play the online fantasy game “Kingdom Scrolls” to the exclusion of all other social pursuits.

Meg’s horny but still cuts short a date for the video game. Nicky plays the game while at work. Usman puts a plywood cover on his child’s playpen so he can play the game uninterrupted.

By the end of the premiere episode, some guilt creeps into these characters’ lives for their actions but to what end? One gets the sense that “game over” in episode one will just be followed by another round of video game play in episode two.


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