TV Q&A: Questions answered about 'Silk Stalkings,' 'Cardinal,' 'Genetic Detective' and Hulu

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Q: I recently stumbled upon one of my all-time favorite shows from the ‘90s, “Silk Stalkings,” airing on Z Living.  After 5 seasons as homicide partners (it was on for 7 seasons total), Chris and Rita (Rob Estes and Mitzi Kapture) finally admitted to themselves they were in love (their chemistry was so hot!), secretly got married, and divulged she was pregnant (S5/Ep10&11).  In the very next episode (S5/Ep12) Chris was killed off!!!  What the heck???? Do you have any info as to why they would do that??  It's not as if Rob Estes had to go and do another series.  In fact, we never saw either of them in another series after that, if Im correct.  Can you shed any light on this???  Thanks 


Rob: Estes had a raft of credits after “Silk Stalkings,” including “Melrose Place,” “Women’s Murder Club,” “90210,” “Daytime Divas” and “Famous in Love.” 

Coverage from the “Silk Stalkings” era reveal Estes wanted off the show to pursue other opportunities. Rita was only in one episode after that and then Kapture left the show, too (she was off to have her first child), before returning to TV a few years later on “Baywatch.” 




Q: I just finished the third season of “Cardinal” on Hulu and was surprised the fourth season was not available.  I had read it was released in April for CTV (Canadian TV). Is the fourth season coming to Hulu?


Rob: Maybe? My understanding is there is not yet a deal for season four of “Cardinal” to be on Hulu but negotiations are in progress.



Q: I have basic Hulu that I watch via the Comcast app.  (I had it prior to Comcast offering the app.)  If I upgrade Hulu to the tier that includes Disney + and ESPN + will I be able to watch both of them via the app?


Rob: Alas, no, Disney+ is not available through Comcast or the Comcast app even though Hulu is. However, if you have another device beyond Comcast attached to your TV – a Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV or Chromecast – you would be able to access your bundle via one of those devices. 



Q: Can you give an update on when CNN will be airing “The Story of Late Night”?  It was supposed to be on back in April but because of the pandemic, CNN did not air.  It was again supposed to be on in June but again CNN decided to air “The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer.” I’d rather watch “The Story of Late Night” and not another Wolf Blitzer Situation Room.”


Rob: According to Variety, the show was delayed due to pandemic and political coverage and has not been rescheduled. 

Bill Carter, who has covered late night for decades and is a producer on the series, tweeted last week, “Some news for everybody looking fwd to our terrific CNN doc ‘The Story of Late Night’: The waves of news+run-up to election has compelled moving it down road a bit from our scheduled Sunday premiere. All to ensure we can run for 6-weeks straight. I promise: It will be worth the wait!”

I suspect it may not air until after the election or perhaps even later.



Q: When will ABC’s “The Genetic Detective” come back on TV?  I think it is an interesting show and was memorized by it each week.


Rob: All six episodes that were produced have aired. No decision has been made on whether ABC will order a second season.



Q: How about suggesting to KDKA that they reduce the amount of local news broadcasts

in the evening and have the CBS news come on at 6:30 PM?  Might help their ratings!


Rob: But probably not their financial bottom line, which is their primary concern. With national programming, local TV stations get to sell a portion of the ad time. With local programming, including newscasts, local stations get to sell all the ad time and reap all the revenue.



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