TV Q&A: 'Floor is Lava,' 'Holey Moley,' 'Jack Ryan' and 'Live PD'

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Q: My kids and I love "Floor is Lava" on Netflix.  I read it's filmed in an abandoned Ikea in Burbank, Calif. Is that true? Do they strike the set between seasons? (Please tell me there will be more seasons!) Are all the lava "rooms" just the same room redressed over and over? And is the water hot?


Rob: Netflix confirmed the show was filmed in a former Ikea in Burbank in 2019. Just one season was filmed (so far; no word on a second season yet). The course was built over a tank that housed roughly 80,000 gallons of "lava," with an additional 20,000 gallons on reserve.

Netflix would not address the temperature of the water or if the set was struck. Often shows do strike sets between seasons – but not always, depends on the show, type of set and cost to rent the soundstage versus the cost to strike the set and rebuild it again -- but I’m not sure the protocol when something like a pool is involved.

As far as whether there are multiple room sets or just one, it’s probably either one or two room sets. I think it would be time/cost prohibitive to have to re-light too many sets but it might be cost-effective to have two sets so you can be filming on one and then readying the second. But based on seeing the show, my best guess is it’s just one set re-dressed over and over.



Q: Is “Nancy Drew” coming back to The CW? It was a good show and the last episode did not seem to close out the story.

Rob: Like so many other shows, “Nancy Drew” had to shut down production before it completed its season order. So the episode that aired last was not intended to be the season finale

The CW renewed “Nancy Drew” for a second season in January.



Q: Any word on when season three of “Jack Ryan” or a “Grand Tour” special will air?

Also any chance at all “Live PD” returns?


Rob: Given the language in the “Live PD” announcement that A&E would “cease production” but never used the word “canceled,” I fully expect the show – or a show like it -- will return at some point with some tweaks on some network. “Live PD” was too successful. Even when ABC canceled “Roseanne,” “The Conners” still emerged from it.

Amazon Prime Video’s “Jack Ryan” has not yet begun production on season three and given the current pandemic – and entertainment execs moving the goal posts (first July, now August for production to resume for many series) -- it seems like it will be a while before filming can begin.

An Amazon publicist for “Grand Tour” did not respond to John’s question.



Q: Where is ABC’s “Holey Moley” filmed? Seems like they always have winter coats on.


Rob: It’s filmed in Santa Clarita, Calif., on the same location as Fox’s short-lived “Utopia.”  “Holey Moley” is filmed in winter (for airing in the summer) so it can get chilly at night when they shoot (chilly by Los Angeles standards, not Pittsburgh standards.



Q: WPXI's sports show "The Final Word" has been doing their shows using Zoom since the pandemic was declared in the U.S. in March rather than from the Channel 11 studios. Part of the show's format is reading viewers social media posts on the show. However, for some reason they haven't been doing that since they have been doing these shows via Zoom, and I really can't understand why.  I mean if they have the technology to still put on these shows week in and week out, shouldn't reading viewers Twitter and Facebook posts not be an issue?


Rob: My guess is with sports being sidelined, there would be less social media chatter about sporting events – although there is still plenty of news about sports and efforts to bring different leagues back -- and maybe not as much online commentary worth including in the show.

“We expect ‘The Final Word’ guests to be back in the studio in the next several weeks,” said WPXI news director Scott Trabandt. “We are all still learning the best way to do shows remotely, and to include audience interaction within them. We thank the loyal audience of ‘The Final Word’ and expect the show to be better than ever when the sports world gets back in gear soon.”



Q: I enjoy your column and find it very informative! As I sit here and watch WTAE, I have to ask why in the world do they have their reporters begin their field report in a mask and then foolishly explain that they and their “photographer” (should be videographer, another pet peeve!) are alone and they are removing the mask, almost EVERY SINGLE TIME?!?!
Obviously rehearsed and aggravating to the point that if I had a better option I’d switch!  Just begin without the mask, we’re not stupid!

Rob: Based on the rising number of COVID-19 cases as well as people and businesses refusing to mask up, I respectfully disagree with Chuck’s assertion about the collective "we." 

What Chuck describes doesn’t bother me at all. In fact, I appreciate the transparency and the positive social modeling being demonstrated. Is it rehearsed? Sure, but usually news reporters rehearse their reports before giving them on air so that’s not new.



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