TV Q&A: 'Ozark,' 'Who Do You Think You Are?' and local TV news

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Q: Just finished watching “Ozark” and hated to see it end.   Do you know if they are planning more seasons?


Q: I just finished binging “Ozark.” Did Netflix renew it for another season? 


Rob: Not yet but I expect it will be renewed.

Q: With social distancing and masks required (in many areas) what are the studios and production companies saying about filming new movies and TV series?  Guessing we’ll be seeing more animation.


Rob: I’ll be writing more about what to expect for the rest of the year TV-wise a few weeks from now in the Tuned In column.

Generally, networks are punting to the studios, which own and produce the programs networks air, to be responsible for putting in place safety measures. None have announced exactly what those safety rules will be but there have been plenty of proposals from those who work in the industry

But yes, animation may play a larger role in prime-time TV in the near-term. Fox will have new episodes of its Sunday night animated shows because they were in progress before the pandemic and can be completed remotely.

On an upfront call with reporters last week, The CW executives Rick Haskins and Mark Pedowitz addressed the role of animation.

Haskins said new animated programming will come to free, ad-supported streamer in the next few months and some of that programming created for that online platform “could extend further” presumably to The CW linear channel.

In addition, Pedowitz teased, “we’re in discussions with a fun, fun holiday special” but he did not elaborate on what that might be.



Q: Saw the question from someone about “Gilligan’s Island” and they must be younger than 20 to not know they never got off the Island [in the series].  My question: Is Gilligan on any cable or broadcast channels?  Haven’t seen it for a while.   Also, are Dawn Wells and Tina Louise still alive??

Rob: “Gilligan’s Island” airs 2-5 p.m. Sundays on MeTV, Channel 11.2 over the air in Pittsburgh (Channel 92 on Armstrong, 465 on FiOS TV, 190/207/1169 on Comcast). I could not find evidence of “Gilligan’s Island” on a streaming platform.

Both actresses are still living.

Q: About a year ago I saw an announcement that NBC was taking over the production of the genealogy program "Who Do You Think You Are?" from TLC.  They indicated that new episodes would begin airing in the spring of 2020. Since then, I have not been able to find any new information.  Do you provide any update?


Rob: “WDYTYA” originated on NBC, got canceled, was revived by TLC and now has moved back to NBC.

My understanding is this latest run of episodes was in production when the pandemic shut down production so safe to assume the show’s return will be delayed.

Depending on when production is able to resume, it’s possible NBC could use this show in the fall as reality shows can be more quickly completed than scripted programming which seems like it will be delayed in its return beyond the typical September start of the TV season.



Q: When will the final season of “Schitt’s Creek” be on Netflix?


Rob: Netflix hasn’t announced when the show, which already aired its final season on cable’s Pop TV, will stream those same episodes on its platform. But if past patterns are any indication, it’s likely to be in October. 



Q: I was watching a marathon of "Chappelle's Show" on Comedy Central during the day recently. I noticed that they edited most of the episodes.  Is there some rule about airing racy/raunchy T.V. shows during certain hours? There were 2 sketches where 2 of the characters were masturbating under a sheet and a shirt, but obviously you couldn't see anything. They edited both out during the marathon.


Rob: According to Comedy Central, though some standard and practices guidelines have been more relaxed over the years, there are still some shows that are either restricted to air after 9 p.m. or have two different versions for daytime and post-9 p.m., and “Chappelle’s Show” is one of them. Comedy Central has edited versions for daytime and then air the original episodes that premiered post-9 p.m.



Q: When will the final season of the “Will & Grace” revival come to DVD?


Rob: No date announced but it will be sometime this year.



Q: Why did they preempt the "CBS Evening News" at 7 p.m. Tuesday?


Rob: Technical glitches in the age of coronavirus



Q: Have some of the over-the-air local channels been silenced, especially the ones starting with 61 up to 66? I noticed them missing on my TV recently and did an automatic search on my remote.  When the scanner got to 53 it jumped to 65 or 66.  I’m particularly looking for BUZZR on WSOC’s Channel 61.3.


Rob: Lynne must have gone looking for WSOC’s 61.3 at just the wrong time last week when maintenance work was being done and the channel was off the air for a few hours. A channel re-scan will bring the channel back this week.



Q: For the past eight weeks or so the local TV reporters are following CDC protocols on wearing masks. It makes sense in certain instances, but my question as to why pertains to when they're doing a report from an outdoor location and there isn't another living/breathing soul anywhere around. The mask is to protect someone else from the wearer, so who are they protecting, as I assume the camera person is a least six feet away.


Rob: I sent Alan’s question to all the local news directors and KDKA-TV’s Kathy Hostetter confirmed what I thought was the reason for reporters to wear masks on live shots.

Masks are necessary considering that you can't drive in a car or news van very easily without being six feet from the other passenger so reporter and photographer are in close proximity to one another.

In addition, one never knows if someone might approach a reporter during a live shot. And wearing a mask could also be an attempt at modeling pro-social behavior.


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