PBS premieres acclaimed documentary 'One Child Nation' about China's one-child policy

Saturday, 28 March 2020 04:36 PM Written by 



PBS documentary series “Independent Lens” premieres the 2019 awards contender “One Child Nation" (10 p.m. Monday, WQED-TV) about China’s one-child policy, which ended in 2015.

Director Nanfu Wang (pictured as a child above) became interested in the history of the policy after becoming a mother. She was surprised to discover her own mother’s feelings about it.

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“Everyone in our film actually said that the policy was necessary, including my own mom,” Wang said in January during a PBS press conference at the Television Critics Association 2020 winter press tour. “My mom said … that if there weren't the policy, that people would have starved to death. … Sociologists and economists have been debating that if China had not had the policy, … if [women] were allowed [an] education and to pursue [a] career, the population would decrease as a natural result versus this state‑forced law.”

Wang said fallout from the policy continues to ripple out.

“China now is suffering from the shrinking of the workforce, which means the economy cannot be sustainable in the next decades or so,” she said in January prior to the widespread outbreak of the coronavirus in China. “That's why the one‑child policy ended.”


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