TV Q&A: 'Chicago P.D.,' 'Hawaii Five-0,' 'The Walking Dead'

Thursday, 19 March 2020 12:00 AM Written by 

Q: I have noticed that re-runs of “Chicago PD” are televised in syndication, but not “Chicago Fire.” Why is that?


Rob: "Chicago P.D." is the only show among the trilogy that is currently syndicated. However it’s expected that all three “Chicago” shows will be available on Peacock, NBC’s streaming service that rolls out April 15 for Xfinity X1 and Flex customers and in July for all consumers.



Q: Have you heard anything about Hawaii Five-O not returning?   On TV ,the promos indicate that there are only 3 episodes left to the “SERIES” NOT “SEASON” finale. Haven’t heard anything about the show not returning.


Rob: We reported when “Hawaii Five-0” was canceled a few weeks ago. 

Since then and the cancellation of March Madness, CBS has updated its schedule and the finale will now air over two weeks, 9 p.m. March 27 and April 3.



Q: How badly have “The Walking Dead” ratings fallen compared to the last several years?  When the mid-season premiere aired on Feb. 23, I didn't even see it trending on Twitter.

Rob: Ratings for “The Walking Dead” have been falling for a while and they hit a new low last month, drawing just 4.54 million viewers, down from more than 17 million viewers at the height of the show’s popularity.

AMC is scheduled to premiere another spin-off, “The Walking Dead: World Beyond,” at 10 p.m. April 12. Kind of rough timing given the current global pandemic – one could imagine a zombie apocalypse has less appeal at the moment.



Q: What ever happened to Don and Terri Black of “Real Life” on CTVN and what’s the real reason they were canned and what are they doing now?


Rob: I contacted them via Facebook and they say, “In the fall of 2018, the Board at CTVN decided to take the organization in a different direction. Teri and I were not to be a part of their new vision. We were asked to leave. We miss the many wonderful people who were a part of our Cornerstone family of viewers. We continue to pray for them. Thank you for reaching out to us. Stay safe and healthy. For more details about what we are doing now, visit www.Don&”

Cornerstone Television offered this: “Don and Teri are pursuing new ministry opportunities.  They will be appearing on Cornerstone Television Network soon to update our viewers on their new endeavors.”



Q: KDKA-TV has only one reporter doing the news on television. As you saw it is Ken Rice.  Susan Koeppen and Kristine Sorensen are reporting from their homes and the other reporters are in the field.  My question: Why do you think they picked Ken Rice to be the "go to" anchor at the desk? Just curious...


Rob: According to Channel 2 news director Kathy Hostetter, the station is in the midst of rotating who anchors in the studio.

“It wasn't a matter of ‘picking,’” she said. “Ken was fresh back from vacation and wanted to help. He's first up in the rotation of anchors, which has also helped his colleagues figure out home life due to school closings, family needs, etc. Susan, Kristine and Stacy will all be rotating shifts for the unforeseeable future. And, they are all sending in reports remotely!”



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