TV Q&A: 'Bob (Hearts) Abishola,' 'Washington,' 'Anne with an E,' sports on WTAE's morning news

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Q: What's up with Billy Gardell's show “Bob (Hearts) Abishola”? It seems to be a mess right now. 

Last week they had a show where they have a disagreement and seem to break up with Bob out on a drinking bender as a result with no real resolution. Then they came back this week with them celebrating Valentine's Day with no reference to the previous difficulty and Abishola going back to the very strict, emotionless Nigerian she was at the beginning by not responding when Bob tells her he loves her. Also, in this week's episode, Bob's mom complains about not getting out of the house for weeks after her stroke when the previous episode had her back at work and bossing employees around. 

It almost seems like they showed an episode out of order before the Valentine's show. It's a shame for Billy the writing/consistency doesn't seem to be here for this Lorre show.


Rob: My understanding is the episodes did air in the correct order. In the episode with Bob on a bender, he’s irritated that his mother, Dottie, is returning to work at the sock factory as he’s enjoyed running the company without her interference. Abishola is disappointed at his response, that he’s not showing more compassion for what Dottie has been through. At the end of the episode, although Bob’s still frustrated, we see him driving the forklift and Dottie smiles and says, “I knew he’d come back.” Though Dottie did go back to the factory, she’s still heavily recuperating - things aren’t “back to normal” yet for her.



Q: After watching the first episode of History’s “Washington” I am at a loss as to where in the United States this was filmed. None of the background shots of the mountains, fields or towns look like any historical sites and places in the Virginia or Pennsylvania area. According to the filming occurred in Romania.  Can this be right?


Rob: Yep, Romania was the filming location of the dramatic recreations as I reported in last Friday’s column

It’s weird and sort of un-American but not altogether unusual. History’s 2012 “Hatfield & McCoys” mini-series also filmed in “Romania” as did portions of the 2003 period American feature film “Cold Mountain.” Romania is cheap and producers evidently figure it looks enough like colonial America to be passable, at least in the eyes of some viewers.



Q: I loved “Anne With an E” on Netflix. I heard they made a fourth season but chose not to show it because the young actor who played Gilbert died. Is this true? If it’s true I think they should show the final season to honor the actor who played Gilbert.

Rob: This sounds like a game of telephone played on the internet that went bad.

The actor who played Gilbert in Netflix’s series is very much alive. 

The actor who played the role of Gilbert in the previous “Anne” series of movies from the 1980s is the one who died

“Anne with an E” was canceled because it was not financially advantageous to continue. No fourth season was filmed.



Q: I've noticed that a number of cable channels show “Chicago P.D.” in reruns.  I was curious why the other two Chicago shows (“Fire” and “Med”) are not shown on any other cable channels in reruns.  Is there any particular reason why “P.D.” is but the other two are not?


Rob: Not that I am aware of. But it could have to do with the giant deal NBC did with Dick Wolf Entertainment to stream all of Wolf’s Chicago-set series on the upcoming streaming service Peacock.



Q: Did ABC ever cite why they canceled "The Chew" in favor of a show that has pulled in worse ratings?


Rob: ABC took a chance on “Good Morning America” spin-off “GMA3.” Canceling an existing show for a new series is always a gamble and one networks have made since the start of the TV business.

An insider told in 2018 “The Chew” was canceled for “business reasons,” notably a 13 percent drop year-to-year in women 18-49, which landed the show in 13th place out of 13 daytime shows.



Q: I watch the morning news on WTAE-TV.  Except for Saturday and Sunday they do not have a sports segment.  They air from 4:30 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. Monday through Friday. Why do they not have a sports segment on the weekday morning news?


Rob: WTAE news director Jim Parsons did not respond to Bernie’s question but my guess is Channel 4 did research that found the weekday morning local news audience isn’t interested in sports coverage.




My husband and I both enjoyed watching “Virgin River.” We were glad to hear (from you) that we can expect a second season soon. We learned about it from an email that Netflix sent me to alert us that a new series was starting and we might be interested in watching it.
I have been really surprised at the number of emails I get letting me know about new movies and series from Netflix. They really do a good job of marketing their network.
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