TV Q&A: 'Mindhunter,' 'Mom' and KDKA-TV on-air talent

Thursday, 31 October 2019 12:00 AM Written by 

Q: I watch “Mom” on CBS and noticed that Paget Brewster from “Criminal Minds” has been on it.  Is she going to be a regular?


Rob: Although the episodes have not aired yet, CBS’s “Criminal Minds” finished filming all the episodes of its final season earlier this year. No premiere date has been announced. Brewster is recurring on “Mom” this season, not a series regular.



Q: Fan of your work at the PG and fan of the show “Mindhunter.” I was wondering if you knew of a map or any online resources that show where exactly the show was filmed. I looked but couldn’t find anything. Pittsburgh is the perfect setting for a period piece, given the decor of many of our older neighborhoods :)

Rob: Pittsburgh Film Office director Dawn Keezer said she’s unaware of a website that chronicles all the filming locations. I wrote about some of them for season two this summer (click through the photos for location IDs) and this website collects more from seasons one and two. 


Q: Can you tell me the renewal status of “Bong Appetite”?

Rob: Viceland publicist Perri Cohen did not respond to multiple attempts at contact. Evidently the show’s original host quit in 2017 and new hosts were brought in for a revamped season theree, which debuted in April

It does not appear Viceland has announced a fourth season renewal.



Q: How do networks that show reruns of old shows like Antenna TV, MeTV, etc, determine when to replace one of those shows with another?  Does it all come down to ratings, contracts with a certain show, all of the above, or something else entirely?


Rob: Pretty much all of the above.

Rerun channels essentially “rent” programming from the studios that own the old shows. I would imagine if the show is doing well and they can rent it again after the initial lease period contract expires, they reup the show. If the ratings are disappointing – and some digital subchannels aren’t even rated – or if the owner of the show wants more money and the channel doesn’t want to pay it, then they shop around for something less expensive.

It’s also possible that a channel may buy rights to a show for a particular timeframe and then they’ll lose the rights to a competitor who leases the series next.



Q: Do stations and/or networks donate ad time to legitimate charities like St. Jude's Hospital? 


Rob: According to National Association of Broadcasters executive vice president of communications Dennis Wharton, even though there is no government requirement, many radio and TV stations provide air time or partner with charities to help their respective causes

Wharton points to KDKA’s fundraising efforts for Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh and WTAE’s Project Hunger Telethon and Project Bundle Up telethon.




Q: It seems to me that the KDKA's on-air anchors, specifically Rick Dayton and Ken Rice, are no longer wearing stage makeup. Ken's five o'clock shadow is more noticeable as are Rick's freckles. Is this a conscious decision or has HD just gotten more defined?


Rob: KDKA-TV news director Kathy Hostetter said there may have been some adjustments in lighting, but no adjustments in staff makeup.



Q: I just wanted to find out about one of the reporters on KDKA. His name is Chris Hoffman and he’s a new guy and I just I watch all the news but I mostly watch KDKA and when he came on he had such great diction and his speech is just impeccable and I just really like him and I wanted to know more about him, They have a lot of young girls in the morning too but with him they don’t have to worry about him getting pregnant and taking time off for pregnancy.


Rob: Hoffman is a freelance reporter working at KDKA. He previously worked at TV stations in Lynchburg, Va., and York, Pa. He is a 2014 graduate of Point Park University – he interned with KDKA’s Bob Pompeani in college -- and a 2011 graduate of Moon High School. 



Q: Did new KDKA-TV Meteorologist Mary Ours appear on WPXI several weeks ago?  I swear that she did.


Rob: Your eyes did not deceive you. Ours did some freelance work – a few weekend mornings -- at WPXI while still employed at WPXI’s former sister-station in Johnstown, WJAC.




As I read your column today, I was sorry to read that on NBC “Bluff City Law” will be canceled after 10 episodes. The story lines and the characters in the program are very good.  I was surprised that the ratings for this series were not high.
Another good series canceled. TOO BAD!!!!!!




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