TV Q&A: 'Instinct,' 'Science Fair,' 'Scream,' 'See It Now,' local news anchor wardrobe choices

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Q: The documentary "Science Fair" is one I've looked forward to watching for a long time. Your information on it being offered Thursday, May 9th, on National Geographic was great news.  Imagine my surprise to learn it's not listed in the Guide on my Comcast Infinity. In fact, it looks like it is only available if purchased. Could you look into this please?


Rob: Imagine my surprise (re: incredible frustration) to learn Nat Geo’s “Science Fair” premiere, announced in February, was yanked *last week* with no notice sent to TV writers.

Nat Geo now says “Science Fair” will air sometime this fall but no air date has been announced.



Q: If I DVR a program but the local news has decided to take over to rant about an impending storm will I get the whole program or the local special report? In other words, is the signal coming from the network or the local channel?


Rob: Cable carriers get local affiliate signals from the local stations so you would get the weather rant and not the national program it pre-empts. Sorry.



Q: Has the show “Instinct” been canceled or when will it be back on? The show was on CBS.


Rob: CBS executives evidently liked “Instinct” enough to renew it for a second season but not enough to air it in-season. “Instinct” returns for its second season at 9 p.m. June 16. See more summer premiere dates for broadcast networks in Friday’s Tuned In column. (The cable and streaming summer preview publishes later this month.)



Q: In 1956 I was in boot camp in Paris Island, S.C. During that time a drill instructor marched a platoon into the swamp 6 marines died. I think it was Edward R. Murrow filmed a one hour program called “See It Now.” Is there a way to get a copy of this film?


Rob: Not that I could figure out. Most “See It Now” YouTube videos on Murrow I could find seem to be political in nature (Murrow vs. McCarthy) and The Paley Center collection of “See It Now” programs are largely lacking in descriptions.  A Wikipedia entry on the Ribbon Creek incident makes no mention of Murrow’s coverage. 



Q: What happened to MTV's drama series "Scream"?  It was supposed to have been re-booted and aired with an all new cast in March 2018.  The date came and went, and no official word came down of what went on.


Rob: I thought “Scream” was dead but reporting in 2018 suggested it will still return. An MTV publicist said the network has nothing to announce at this time so I’m still not sure if it’s dead or if will be back eventually.



Q: I would like to know if the newscasters on WTAE are told to coordinate their outfits. Mike Clark’s tie always matches the female’s dress. Who does that?

Rob: We addressed this last year. At the time Clark wrote, “Janelle [Hall] and I have received lots of positive viewer feedback on our color choices. While we don’t really match all the time, (for example, we don’t match tonight!) we do have conversations and send text messages to each other before work, just to make sure we’re on the same page, and our colors don’t clash.”




I am so sick and tired of bombardment of the same three commercials; Liberty Mutual, Flo from Progressive, and the Plexiderm voice that goes through me like a nail.

Do they not realize its well beyond name recognition?  I’m at the point where I will NOT consider their product because of their approach.




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