TV Q&A: 'The Blacklist,' 'Manifest,' 'The Good Cop' and a MIA meteorologist

Thursday, 04 October 2018 09:50 AM Written by 

Q: I know you probably don't want another opinion about “Manifest,” but here goes. I watched half of the premiere and then switched channels. It wasn't about the plot, but about the bad dialogue and acting.


Rob: Actually, I love hearing what viewers think of new shows, so keep the feedback coming.

“Manifest” did quite well in its premiere last week, drawing more than 16 million viewers.


Q: I think NBC’s “The Blacklist” is an excellent weekly series. What are the reasons behind NBC not adding it to their 2018 fall lineup? I read that the new season will start in January, but I’m curious about the change. James Spader is an amazing actor.

Rob: Be glad the show is coming back. It was on the bubble in May, meaning it could easily have been canceled. It’s an aging series with little ratings upside at this point (this often happens to shows some may consider past their prime, see: “Elementary” last season on CBS). But another reason to hold it is in case a new show tanks spectacularly and then “Blacklist” can be brought in as the replacement.


Q: Is the TV show "Diggers" coming back on television? It was about two men digging for artifacts around different states!  My husband and I loved that show and these men used to say, "Lookin’ for nectar baby.


Rob: National Geographic Channel canceled “Diggers” in 2015. But it lives on via YouTube  and also on Pursuit Channel, which is not available on Comcast but is on Verizon (Channel 818), DirecTV (604) and DISH Network (393).



WTAE news van blog

Q: On the New York-set “The Good Cop” (Netflix) there was a WTAE Channel 4 news van (episode three “Ugly German Lady,” around the 15:44 mark.). Would New York also have a WTAE? Just wondering.


Rob: Nope, there’s only one WTAE and it’s in Pittsburgh. But I do have a theory on maybe how a news van with the Channel 4 logo wound up in a series set and filmed in New York. Maybe it was a leftover from HBO’s “Paterno,” which was filmed in New York and featured a WTAE news van, too.

WTAE general manager Charles Wolfertz would only say, “There is no WTAE in New York. That is an old Action news logo.”

When I followed up to ask if Ch. 4 or Hearst allows the old logo to be rented by TV/movie productions and how that works, he did not reply.



Q: Why are some shows listed as new (N) when in fact it is a repeat? Case in point, the Sept. 23 “Celebrity Family Feud” was described as new with the Kardashians when in fact it had been on a few months ago?? I've noticed this in the past too with “Dateline.”


Rob: There can be one of several reasons why this happens, including simple mislabeling, but more often than not the networks change the program they planned to air after the TV listings have been sent out for publication.



Q: Is Cam Tran on a well-deserved vacation or has she moved on?  She has not been on the weekend news for 2 weeks. 

We enjoy her perky on air presence and value her insight on the forecast.


Rob: V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N. She’ll be back.



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