TV Q&A: New fall TV series, 'Top Chef,' 'One Dollar,' Mark Madden, beIN Sports

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Q: What are your recommendations for the new fall shows?


Rob: Perfect timing, Diane. The fall broadcast network TV preview publishes in this weekend’s Sunday Magazine in the Post-Gazette but it’s online now. You can read:

n  Capsule reviews of the new series on ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC and The CW.

n  A list of the best and worst pilots.

n  Premiere dates for returning series.



Q: “Top Chef” is my favorite TV show. By Google search, I see it has been filming in Kentucky, but I cannot find out when it will air. Do you have this info??


Rob: Bravo has not announced an exact date but “Top Chef” will return for a new season later this year.



Q: I couldn’t tell from your article when exactly “One Dollar” begins on CBS (whatever).


Rob: As noted in the second paragraph of the column, “One Dollar” began streaming on CBS All Access on Thursday, Aug. 30. But to be clear, this show is not available on traditional, linear CBS – just on the subscription streaming service CBS All Access, which costs $5.99 monthly ($9.99 without commercials).



Q: I was just wondering if you happen to know why local sports personality/radio host Mark Madden had his TV show cancelled on Channel 22 The Point?  The program aired from September 2015-July 2016, Mon.-Fri. nights.  I'm just assuming that it had something to do with ratings, as the show was just an edited re-broadcast of his radio program on 105.9 The X.  I've never gotten a straight answer when I have asked around about this, so I thought you might have heard something that I did not.  I thank you again for your time.


Rob: Shows are almost always canceled for financial reasons, often stemming from low ratings. In this case, there was also some executive turnover at WPNT with the guy who spearheaded an attempt to promote more local sports programming departing.

Madden says: “Boy, that's old news. 22 was unhappy with the ratings. I wasn't. But I had more reasonable expectations. A lot of the material was dated by the time it aired, especially re: hockey& baseball.”



Q: In the last month I’ve noticed that the information that was once available on Comcast under “series info” has been changed. I wonder why because I thought it was a great tool for seeing other shows or movies that the actors were in. Is it possible a move for safety or just too much information that they feel is not necessary? The information was available on Comcast when you pushed the series info button under the program that you would be watching. It was very informative about every person highlighted in the show. Now if you press the button it only gives date of birth and town where they were born. Before it would give a more interesting bio on their life in the acting profession.


Rob: I tried to get an answer out of Comcast but the statement spokesman Bob Grove provided did not illuminate the reason for the changes: “Our X1 interface is continuously updated and we are evaluating new ways to help customers get the most out of their experience.”



Q: beIN Sports (was 268 on Comcast) was in a dispute with juggernaut Comcast about payments. Now that channel has been eliminated from the Comcast menu.

beIN sports covered national and international motorcycle road racing as well as soccer and other sports and their coverage was excellent. 

Can you tell us any other ways to view the beIN Channel?


Rob: Not sure what is going on with this sports channel that is largely known for carrying soccer. In the past month beIN was dropped by Comcast and then Verizon and DirecTV. It appears beIN is still available on DISH Network (Channel 392) but the beIN website is not particularly helpful in offering tips on how to get the channel . It doesn’t appear it is available a la carte via streaming so for now it appears the only way to see beIN is via DISH.




I may have spoken too soon about WTAE’s Chris Lovingood:  Anchoring the Sun. morning news, Chris punctuated a report with "WOW!"
It was forced. The story was not "WOW"-worthy.
-Chet via e-mail



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